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Samsung to Showcase End-to-End Automotive Solutions at IAA MOBILITY 2023


Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Samsung Display Co., Ltd. and Samsung SDI Co., Ltd. today jointly announced their collaborative presence at the highly anticipated IAA MOBILITY1 2023 event, scheduled for Sept. 5-10 in Munich, Germany. In a united effort, the three Samsung affiliates will showcase a holistic range of automotive solutions set to redefine the landscape of connected mobility and captivate consumers and enterprises from around the globe.

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Samsung Electronics to exhibit semiconductor solutions tailored for nearly every automotive function (Photo: Business Wire)

Samsung Electronics: Revolutionizing the Road Ahead

Aligning automotive innovations from all of its semiconductor business units for the first time, Samsung Electronics underscores the symbiotic potential among its diverse offerings across memory, system LSI, foundry and LED technologies. This unification solidifies Samsung’s leading position as an all-encompassing mobility solutions provider.

“IAA MOBILITY 2023 serves as an unparalleled platform for us to demonstrate the collective strength and commitment of our individual businesses, built to revolutionize the automotive industry through our expansive suite of semiconductor technologies,” said Dermot Ryan, President of Device Solutions Europe, Samsung Electronics. “Our shared vision is to collaboratively craft safer, more sustainable and profoundly interconnected automotive experiences for customers and communities worldwide.”

Pioneering Memory Advancements for Future Mobility

With future vehicles demanding advanced computing and storage capabilities, Samsung’s proven memory technologies emerge as a mainstay in accelerating data-driven mobility. At IAA MOBILITY 2023, Samsung will highlight its full lineup of memory solutions finely tuned for forthcoming automotive applications. These include LPDDR5X2, GDDR73, AutoSSD and UFS 3.14 products that offer high-performance and high-capacity in areas such as infotainment and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) — all with certified auto-grade reliability. Building upon its robust automotive portfolio and extensive ecosystem partnerships, Samsung aims to become the largest automotive memory provider by 2025, empowering global customers to achieve fully connected mobility experiences.

Elevating the In-Car Experience with System LSI Innovations

As the automotive landscape shifts toward electrification and digitalization, in-car entertainment and safety ascend as defining attributes of next-generation vehicles. During IAA MOBILITY 2023, Samsung will present a tailored processor and sensor portfolio designed to address these evolving demands. Samsung’s Exynos Auto V920 processor, optimized for premium in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems, enables smooth playback of graphics-rich videos and games on multiple displays. Meanwhile, Samsung’s ISOCELL Auto sensors provide an exhaustive 360-degree car vision from front- (ISOCELL Auto 1H1) to rear- and surround-views (ISOCELL Auto 4AC), ensuring safety for both drivers and passengers. Extending safety features to the car interior, Samsung will demonstrate in-cabin sensor technologies primed for driver and occupant monitoring systems, capable of detecting and alerting potentially unsafe driver conditions like drowsiness, fatigue and distraction.

Advancing Automotive Semiconductor Frontiers with Foundry Solutions

In tune with the burgeoning automotive semiconductor market, Samsung’s Foundry Business has strategically honed its focus on automotive innovation and manufacturing excellence. At IAA MOBILITY 2023, the company will present its latest automotive design solutions, spanning system-on-chips (SoCs) for IVI and ADAS, power management ICs5 (PMICs) and battery management ICs (BMICs) as well as automotive microcontrollers (MCUs), all featuring the latest of Samsung Foundry’s technologies. Samsung will also highlight its automotive process technology roadmap, targeting mass production readiness of its four-nanometer (nm) process (SF4A6) by 2025 and its 2nm process (SF2A7) by 2026. Augmenting this initiative, Samsung Foundry is fortifying its intellectual property (IP) portfolio across analog, memory interface, high-speed interface, security and die to die (D2D) as well as bolstering its design infrastructure.

Next-Gen LED Technologies for the Vehicles of Tomorrow

Samsung will also display its advanced and highly customizable LED lighting solutions ideal for future electric and autonomous vehicles. The company’s PixCell LED8 represents an intelligent adaptive driving beam (ADB) innovation that empowers car manufacturers to create smaller lamps with precise and selective lighting control. Achieving Full HD resolution on a compact 0.25-inch display, Samsung’s next-gen Micro LED technology is ideally suited for ultra-high-resolution head-up displays (HUDs) while enabling driver information viewing through augmented reality (AR) glasses. Its Mini LED technology, an evolutionary vehicle-to-everything (V2X) solution, will unlock intricate animated signal effects, enhancing communication with other vehicles and pedestrians.

Samsung Display: OLEDs To Enhance the Automobile Experience

Samsung Display is exhibiting at IAA Mobility 2023, making its debut at an auto show for the first time ever, highlighting its display leadership with a unique exhibition that allows visitors to experience the many advantages of OLED technology. This ties in with the company’s intention to become a leading provider of OLED displays on next-generation automobile applications as the industry transitions away from LCDs.

Visitors to the Samsung Display booth will be able to experience the Safe Driving Center, where they can compare the difference between OLEDs and LCDs. Participants will discover that because OLEDs can portray True Black(Certified by VESA), they can significantly enhance driver visibility — and therefore safety — in dark environments.

The booth will also showcase OLEDs’ low power consumption, owing to OLED displays only lighting up pixels where the actual color appears, unlike LCDs. Of course, this characteristic is becoming ever more important in a world where electric vehicles (EVs) continue to grow in popularity. Additionally, visitors can explore how OLED technology enhances the interior of the vehicle. Since OLEDs can be bent and curved to match the car’s interior, and are lighter and thinner than LCDs, they allow for much greater design flexibility.

In the Next Mobility Projects space, visitors can get a glimpse of future OLED displays in a variety of form factors, such as the Flex S, a multi-foldable display that folds into an S shape with one side of the device inward and the other outward. It can be carried like a smartphone, but then expanded to 12.4 inches and used as the car dashboard. Other innovative products on display include a rollable display that expands more than five times on the vertical axis for rear seat entertainment (RSE) systems in the backseat, as well as a slidable display that expands the screen on both sides.

Samsung SDI: Cutting-Edge Battery Solutions for Next-Gen Electric Vehicles

Samsung SDI is making its sixth IAA appearance at IAA MOBILITY 2023, and the battery maker is poised to unveil “super gap”9 battery solutions for future EVs. The company is also making engagement with top R&D talent from Europe a priority.

Visitors to Samsung SDI’s booth will have a chance to see the company’s technological highlights in the PRiMX10 Zone, with the theme of "PRiMX, Experience the Best." The zone will showcase a next-generation lineup of products including the all-solid-state battery, 46-phi cylindrical battery, nickel manganese (NMX) battery and lithium manganese iron phosphate (LMFP) battery, along with premium-segment solutions. In the ESG11 Zone, Samsung SDI will present the company's ongoing initiatives for a sustainable future under the long-term vision of “To make the world sustainable through our innovative technology.”

To cater to varying needs for mass-market electric cars, Samsung SDI is also unveiling cobalt-free battery solutions like NMX and LMFP as a strategic edge ensuring both safety and cost-effectiveness. Also on display is a new form factor, where cathode and anode terminals are re-positioned to the side, enabling maximum space efficiency and enhanced performance and safety.

In attendance at IAA MOBILITY 2023 will be Samsung SDI President and CEO Yoon-ho Choi, who will meet with major European customers. Choi will also make an appearance at the Tech & Career (T&C) Forum, SDI’s career fair that introduces its technological prowess to the industry and allows the company to engage with prospective employees. The Forum is being held in Munich for the first time, after being held in Seoul last month. It took place twice in Seoul and New York last year.

"Home to global automotive industry players, including both carmakers and parts makers, Europe is a crucial market that will lead the future EV industry," said Choi. "Using our unrivaled technologies, we will continually strive to provide our key European customers with products that feature the highest levels of safety and quality.”


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Samsung Display Co., Ltd. is a global leader in the display panel market, with OLED and LCD technologies and products. Samsung Display has seven production facilities and five branch sales offices worldwide. The company specializes in high-quality displays for consumer, mobile, IT and industrial usage, including those featuring OLED (organic light emitting diode) and LCD technologies. As a total solution provider, Samsung Display strives to advance the future with next-generation technologies featuring ultra-thin, energy-efficient, flexible, and transparent displays. For more information, please visit or

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1 The International Motor Show Germany, or Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung (IAA) in German, is one of the world's largest mobility trade fairs. It consists of two separate fairs: IAA MOBILITY and IAA TRANSPORTATION. IAA MOBILITY focuses on the latest developments in passenger vehicles, motorcycles and bikes.
2 LPDDR5X: Low Power Double Data Rate 5X.
3 GDDR7: Graphics Double Data Rate 7.
4 UFS 3.1: Universal Flash Storage 3.1.
5 IC: Integrated Circuit.
6 SF4A: Samsung Foundry 4nm Automotive.
7 SF2A: Samsung Foundry 2nm Automotive.
8 The PixCell LED is a super-compact solution that uses sharp precision to deliver enhanced visibility for safer driving at night and in poor weather conditions.
9 Super gap: a wide lead that a market leader has over its competitors.
10 In 2021, Samsung SDI launched the battery brand PRiMX: Prime Battery for Maximum Experience.
11 ESG: Environmental, Social and Governance.

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