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FEELM and OS Vape Make a Joint Debut at Dortmund, Setting a New 800+ Puff Standard for Germany's Disposable Market


At the renowned InterTabac 2023 exhibition, held from September 14-16, FEELM, the world leading closed system solution provider, unveiled its latest innovation OS Vape in partnership with OS. It is the first time FEELM has co-exhibited with its local partner.

Since its inception in 1978, InterTabac has been recognized as the world's premier trade fair for tobacco products and smoking accessories. This distinguished gathering provides a platform for industry professionals to interact with top-tier representatives spanning retail, manufacturing, and service sectors. As testament to the evolving landscape of the tobacco world, in recent years, the spotlight has increasingly shone on brands from the rapidly expanding European vaping area.

FEELM’s First Co-Exhibition

OS, recognized as a dominant force in Germany's shisha product market, ventured into the disposable vape industry. Seizing this opportunity, this co-exhibition represents a significant breakthrough for FEELM, emphasizing its commitment to innovative strategies in delivering comprehensive solutions to its clients.

A representative from the FEELM booth shared that collaborating with clients for exhibitions is a new strategy aimed at bolstering the client's brand presence in local markets. The representative further revealed that FEELM intends to continue this co-exhibition format at major global exhibitions, joining forces with clients from various regions in a collective march towards a global presence.

OS Vape with More Puff Counts and Premium Taste Consistency

Germany, celebrated for its beers bursting with hop aroma and refreshingly pure taste, is a nation where lively spirits indulge in robust drinking. Stepping into this vibrant culture, OS Vape introduced a disposable vaping solution that delivers an elevated puff count, cost-efficiency, and unmatched vapor consistency, promising German consumers a rich vaping experience reminiscent of their cherished beers.

Elevated by the FEELM Max ceramic coil technology, OS Vape has achieved a groundbreaking 800+ puffs. This represents an impressive 30%+ enhancement in puff count compared to other common disposable products, establishing a new standard under TPD compliance. Thus, OS Vape has distinguished itself as the pioneer in Germany to set this benchmark.

Beyond puff count, OS Vape offers an exceptional vapor and taste consistency of over 95%. These groundbreaking advancements have undoubtedly propelled the vaping industry to new zeniths. Additionally, the signature transparent e-liquid tank not only alleviates e-liquid concerns but also adds a touch of aesthetic sophistication.

Authoritative Institution-Certified 800-Puff Report

Given the debut of the 800+ puff disposable product in Germany, there was keen interest in the technical solution behind it. At the Dortmund expo, many attendees procured verification reports from one of the most authoritative testing institute, Inter Scientific, revealing that the FEELM Max solution can consistently deliver between 880-920 puffs.

During the exhibition, numerous esteemed brands, such as Aroma King, have also embraced the 800+ puff benchmark, joining hands with FEELM, collaboratively setting new puff standards in the TPD market, and heralding a new era of vaping innovations and heightened consumer expectations.


As a flagship tech brand under SMOORE, FEELM is the world's leading provider of closed vape system solutions. Harnessing the power of Ceramic Coil Heating Technology and authentic Flavor Reproduction Technology, FEELM merges innovation and electronics to deliver the ultimate sensation and a premium vaping experience.


Founded in 2009, SMOORE is a global leader in atomization technology solutions, covering reduced-risk products, medical, pharmaceutical, and beauty atomization technologies. With inter-disciplinary atomization research and a diverse product portfolio, SMOORE is committed to becoming an advanced platform, aspired to make life better.

With continuous R&D investment and leading manufacturing capacity, SMOORE has 11 technology research centers worldwide and products are available in more than 80 countries and regions. SMOORE announced IPO in Hong Kong on July 10, 2020.

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