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A new public artwork by Artist Antti Immonen to the Coffee block in Vuosaari


The artwork Odd cup of Coffee by Artist Antti Immonen will be inaugureted in the corner of Kahvikatu and Kahvipavunkuja in Vuosaari on Wednesday 30.10.2019 3.00 pm. The artwork tells in an ingenious way of the birth of coffee. According to the artist, the basic idea of the work is the discussion that emerges when people meet at a coffee table. The topics might be many, but the procedure is almost ceremonial. The piece reflects both this moment and the process that has preceded it, and tells about the history of Vuosaari. The artwork consists of four elements, it is about 11 meter long (36´) and reaches up to 3 meters height (10´).

Antti Immonen: Odd cup of Coffee, 2019 (detail) / Photo: Hanna Kukorelli
Antti Immonen: Odd cup of Coffee, 2019 (detail) / Photo: Hanna Kukorelli

The history of the Kahvikortteli (The Coffee Block) started when the well-known Paulig roosting company moved to the site in 1967. The activity ended when the city started the housing building project about 10 years ago. But the history of the place is seen in many ways in the work; one of the four elements is an old roosting bowl from the original Paulig Ltd rostery.Immonen though points out that this bowl is not presented here as a museal object but as a part of a an artwork

”The artwork can be seen as a picture of a biological and industrial chain of events that takes us from the trees of the coffee-plantation via different occasions to the coffee table. The moment there acts like a scenery for the contact between people and their discussions. Even if I can’t claim that this is a western ”coffee – ceremony”, is has elements of certain solid constructions. I hope that this piece of art mediates this situation with both solid structures and free and lively discussion."

Antti Immonen (b. 1973), uses in his art a playful way of testing and variations that has room for coincidents. The completed artwork is often a still of a continuous ”build and tear down” – play. As often, Immonen uses different materials; stainless- and corten-steel and bronze. The artist has accomplished several public artworks; for example in Kuopio University Hospital, Kuopio Airport and the Metropolia-building in Helsinki.

Vuosaari, now under construction, belongs to the suburbs where the City executive office, the Urban Environment Division and HAM Helsinki Art museum has cooperated. Odd cup of Coffee has been founded mostly by HAM.

The director of the Helsinki Art Museum HAM Maija Tanninen-Mattila inaugurates the artwork 30.10.2019 3.00 pm. The artist and people that has been part of the process will be present. Welcome!

Press pictures: www.hamhelsinki.fi/info/medialle (password: hammedia).            


Taru Tappola
Head of Public Art
HAM Helsinki Art Museum
mob +358 50 526 1496

Klas Fontell
HAM Helsinki Art Museum
mob +358 50 3362186


Antti Immonen: Odd cup of Coffee, 2019 (detail) / Photo: Hanna Kukorelli
Antti Immonen: Odd cup of Coffee, 2019 (detail) / Photo: Hanna Kukorelli

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Helsingin kaupunki, kulttuurin ja vapaa-ajan toimiala
Helsingin kaupunki, kulttuurin ja vapaa-ajan toimiala


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HAM Helsinki Art Museum looks after an art collection that belongs to the people of Helsinki, which includes over 9,000 individual works of art. HAM maintains and accrues this art collection, which also includes the city’s public artworks. In its domestic and international exhibitions held at Tennis Palace, HAM showcases modern and contemporary art. HAM Helsinki Art Museum

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