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A total of 187 counterfeit euro banknotes found in Finland in the first half of 2022


In the first half of 2022, a total of 187 counterfeit euro banknotes were detected among banknotes in circulation in Finland. The number of counterfeits in circulation has continued to fall, and the current number of counterfeits detected is about one-third lower than in the corresponding period of 2021.

“The number of counterfeit banknotes in circulation in Finland is generally low. The majority of the counterfeits detected in the first half of the year were of a poor quality and lacked any security features,” says Olli Vehmas, Banknote Specialist at the Bank of Finland. “Notes like these are easy to recognise as counterfeits, as long as you remember to check the security features when handling banknotes,” Vehmas continues.

Among the banknotes in circulation in Finland in the first half of 2022, the EUR 20 was the most frequently discovered counterfeit note (91 counterfeits), followed by the EUR 50 (71 counterfeits) and EUR 10 (11 counterfeits).

Period (the first or second half of the year)






Number of counterfeits






Identify genuine banknotes by their security features

A number of security features have been incorporated into euro banknotes for authentication purposes. Banknote authenticity can be checked using simple tests, i.e. by feeling the raised print, looking at the banknote against the light and tilting it. When in doubt, a suspect banknote should be compared directly with one that is known to be genuine. Instructions and guides for checking banknote authenticity can be found on the Bank of Finland website ( > Money and payments).

The Bank of Finland has published a new online course on banknotes aimed at a general-interest audience and professionals who handle cash. The course helps you to familiarise yourself with the security features of euro banknotes and provides information on how to act in different situations if you receive a counterfeit note. The online course is available in Finnish and Swedish at

For further information, please contact:

Olli Vehmas, Banknote Specialist, Bank of Finland, tel. +358 9 183 3410

Jussi Larvanto, Detective Sergeant, National Bureau of Investigation, tel. +358 295 486 954.




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The Bank of Finland is the national monetary authority and central bank of Finland. At the same time, it is also a part of the Eurosystem, which is responsible for monetary policy and other central bank tasks in the euro area and administers use of the world’s second largest currency – the euro.

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Inlåningen från hushållen i Finland[1] var över 113 miljarder euro i juni 2022, dvs. drygt 5 miljarder euro mer jämfört med motsvarande tid för ett år sedan. I juni 2022 ökade inlåningen med nästan 900 miljoner euro. Årsökningen i inlåningen har emellertid mattats av betydligt. I juni 2022 var ökningstakten 4,8 %, när den ännu ett år tidigare var över 7 %. Ökningen har senast varit långsammare i september 2018. Av hushållens tillgångar på inlåningskonton var 92 % insättningar på transaktionskonton[2]. I juni var genomsnittsräntan på transaktionskonton nästan noll (0,02 %). Värdet på hushållens innehav i aktier och investeringsfonder fortsatte att minska i juni Sedan utgången av 2021 har värdet på hushållens börsnoterade aktieinnehav minskat med nästan 12 miljarder euro. Under motsvarande tid har hushållen investerat 1,2 miljarder euro netto mer i aktier. I juni 2022 uppgick värdet på hushållens börsnoterade aktieinnehav till 44,6 miljarder euro. Aktieinnehavens värde var som högst (56,

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The stock of Finnish households’ deposits[1] exceeded EUR 113 billion in June 2022, a good EUR 5 billion more than a year earlier. In June 2022, the deposit stock grew by almost EUR 900 million. However, the annual rate of growth of the deposit stock has slowed down significantly. In June 2022, the growth rate was 4.8%, as opposed to over 7% in the same period a year earlier. The growth rate has not been slower since September 2018. 92% of households’ assets on deposit accounts was held on transaction accounts[2]. In June, the average interest on transaction accounts was almost zero (0.02%). Households’ equity and fund share holdings continued to decrease in June The value of listed shares held by households has declined by almost EUR 12 billion since the end of 2021. During the same period, households have invested a further EUR 1.2 billion in net terms in shares. In June 2022, the value of listed shares held by households stood at EUR 44.6 billion. The value of the shareholdings peak

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De finländska hushållen lyfte i juni 2022 nya lån för fritidsbostäder (stuglån) för 126 miljoner euro, vilket är 16 % mindre än i juni för ett år sedan. Under 2020 och 2021 var efterfrågan på stuglån exceptionellt stor. Jämfört med tiden före pandemin var mängden utbetalda stuglån i juni 2022 35 % större än i juni 2019. Den genomsnittliga räntan på nya fritidsbostadslån steg i juni och var 1,71 %. Genomsnittsräntan steg med 0,50 procentenheter från maj och var 0,78 procentenheter högre än i juni 2021. De ökade euriborräntorna förklarar merparten av ökningen av genomsnittsräntan på nya fritidsbostadslån. Den genomsnittliga räntan på nya fritidsbostadslån var senast högre i mars 2015. Det utestående beloppet av fritidsbostadslån var 4,6 miljarder euro i slutet av juni. På grund av den minskade utlåningen avtog årsökningen av det utestående beloppet och var i juni 6,7 %. Genomsnittsräntan på utestående fritidsbostadslån steg från maj och var 1,14 %. Utlåning De finländska hushållen lyfte

June 2022 saw a decrease in holiday cottage loan drawdowns from the year earlier1.8.2022 10:00:00 EEST | Press release

In June 2022, Finnish households drew down new housing loans for the purchase of holiday homes (holiday cottage loans) to the value of EUR 126 million, which is 16% less than a year earlier in June. Holiday cottage loans were drawn down at an exceptionally high rate in 202o and 2021. Compared to the period before the pandemic, i.e. June 2019, drawdowns of holiday cottage loans were 35% higher in June 2022. The average interest rate on new housing loans for purchase of a holiday home rose in June, to stand at 1.71%. This was 0.050 percentage points higher than in May 2022 and 0.78 percentage points higher than in June 2021. The higher average interest rate on new loans for holiday cottages is explained mainly by the rise in Euribor rates. The average interest rate on these loans was last higher in March 2015. At the end of June, the stock of holiday cottage loans stood at EUR 4.6 billion. Due to the lower number of drawdowns, the annual growth rate of the stock slowed in June, to 6.7%.

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