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Avidly refreshes its brand to match its new growth strategy


Avidly’s growth strategy, which was updated last autumn, is now reflected in its refreshed brand. The brand has been worked on as part of Avidly’s strategy process, and the transformation into Europe’s leading martech agency is well underway. Even in the midst of uncertain times, growth has been stable, and earnings have continued in the black.

With the announcement of its growth strategy, Avidly has also refreshed its brand, which focuses on the core element of the strategy ­– impact. Creating a positive impact for people, planet and profit is the overall objective, leading to sustainable growth with better marketing and business design. The Avidly brand will be launched this year with concrete sustainable actions, keeping with the agency’s values.

’There are many established ways of thinking and working in the industry that we have consciously set out to reform and disrupt with our strategy,’ sums up CEO Jesse Maula. ’Combining marketing, sales and technology in the context of creative advertising has proven to be an effective growth factor for both Avidly and our customers.’

2020 was marked by a global pandemic, with many companies focusing on keeping their heads above the water in an unpredictable operating environment. It can now be said that the constant state of emergency has not only resulted in a survival of the fittest in the marketing industry, but it has been a catalyst for the boom in data and marketing technologies. New technologies are boosting marketing and sales productivity as well as accelerating and scaling up company growth in an ever more digital business environment.

Martech requires services to function as intended – technology does not solve problems or create growth by itself; it calls for professional people with strategic expertise and creative conceptual thinking. A multitalented, knowledgeable and data-driven partner ensures a return on martech investments. Without such a partner, the results of even large-scale investments made in good faith can often be meagre because there aren’t enough of the right resources at a company’s disposal to make the most of these technologies.

Avidly combines strategic, creative and technological expertise to provide solutions to clients that guide their end-customers through their customer journey while keeping the big picture in mind.

‘The Avidly brand at its core cleverly combines sales and marketing, technology and creative ideas as well as inbound and outbound marketing,” Maula acclaims. ‘To us, the new strategy and brand signify a future filled with enthusiasm and optimism, and they will be of great help on our journey to become one of the world’s most valued creative martech companies.

Avidly, one of Finland's largest marketing agencies, was recently named HubSpot's Global Partner of the Year for the second year in a row, making it the top HubSpot agency in the world. Avidly is also a finalist in the Finnish Agency of the Year competition this year. Avidly’s earnings data for 2020 will be published on Thursday, March 4, 2021.

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Avidly is a leading European martech service provider deeply rooted in creating innovation in creativity, sales & technology. We use customer experience as a strategic tool to transform businesses and create bolder futures.

We partner with organizations of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 companies and are committed to create impactful solutions that help companies grow.

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