DNA and Noccela Ltd to cooperate for safer and more efficient industry


Industrial IoT is moving to the next phase: from networking and sensing of objects to data-driven operations. DNA and Noccela will start providing their industrial customers with solutions that enable the integration of previously separate production systems into unified ERP.

Installing Noccela UWB antenna beacons for an industrial IoT customer. Photo: Noccela
Installing Noccela UWB antenna beacons for an industrial IoT customer. Photo: Noccela

Two-way communication also makes it possible to improve safety, for example by alerting an employee who is in the path of an approaching automatic collection device.

“Last year, our IoT business grew rapidly in international and domestic markets, driven primarily by personnel protection. Thanks to our new cooperation, domestic industrial customers will benefit from DNA’s excellent internal network services that bring new functional intelligence to the objects connected to them”, says Tuukka Tarkiainen, CEO of Noccela.

“Noccela complements our IoT strategy and private network portfolio with its most long-standing experience on the market in UWB cloud technology, even in complex customer environments. We have high expectations, especially when it comes to connecting smartphones to UWB networks”, says DNA's Business manager Ville Kantola.

As one of the new solutions for industrial use, DNA provides digital management of the lifecycle of production tools. When connected to the customer’s production control system, the solution improves equipment safety and the machine utilisation rate by providing accurate information about the location and condition of the tool at all times.

Data generated by networked objects is exported to the cloud, from where real-time location and other sensor data is provided for third-party systems. This allows a component used in the production process to start the next phase of production automatically when it moves to the production line. Objects, such as pallets, can be located three-dimensionally with an accuracy of less than 10 cm, dozens of times per second. Accurate location data enables new types of automation and safety solutions.

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Ville Kantola, Business manager, DNA Plc. tel. +358 (0)44 044 8080, ville.kantola@dna.fi

Tuukka Tarkiainen, CEO, Noccela Ltd, tel. +358 (0)400 243 298, tuukka.tarkiainen@noccela.com

DNA corporate communications, tel. +358 (0)44 044 8000, communications@dna.fi

Noccela Ltd makes the real world smarter with IoT. We make it possible to take digitalisation all the way to physical processes. We have been implementing cost-effective solutions based on UWB technology for industry, retail and sports since 2014.


Installing Noccela UWB antenna beacons for an industrial IoT customer. Photo: Noccela
Installing Noccela UWB antenna beacons for an industrial IoT customer. Photo: Noccela


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