DNA’s customers are Europe's most avid mobile data users and at the very top even globally


DNA held its position among the world’s top companies in mobile data usage per subscription in 2019 according to a recent report by international research company Tefficient. *) The report also shows that DNA customers used the most mobile data in Europe again.

DNA’s customers are Europe's most avid mobile data users and at the very top even globally
DNA’s customers are Europe's most avid mobile data users and at the very top even globally

DNA customers used the world’s second largest amount of data per subscription in 2019 – on average, 25.4 gigabytes per month, compared with 20.8 gigabytes in the previous year. As usual, DNA customers were the most active mobile data users in Europe last year. Globally, a Kuwaiti operator barely beat DNA. 

TOP 5 list

Zain, Kuwait 27,7
DNA, Finland 25,4
Drei, Austria 24,8
Elisa, Finland 20,7
FarEasTone, Taiwan 20,6

Tefficient reports that DNA’s mobile data traffic increased by 22 percent from the previous year. DNA expects the growth to continue.

DNA customers’ data usage exceeded the extraordinary 25 gigabytes per month last year

Last year, DNA was one of the two operators in the world with the average data volume per mobile subscription exceeding the extraordinary level of 25 gigabytes per month.

“Unlimited data usage in Finland significantly impacts our customers’ use of their mobile devices to such a large extent. Data is used especially to watch TV content and videos,” says Jarkko Laari, Director of Radio Networks at DNA.

Growth is expected to continue with 5G

DNA is constantly investing in the development and maintenance of its 5G and 4G networks. DNA has been deploying 5G technology quickly to accommodate for the increase in data traffic and ensure high-quality services. Right now, DNA’s 5G services are already available in Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo, Sipoo, Hyvinkää, Turku, Rusko, Raisio, Lieto, Tampere, Nokia and Ylöjärvi.

“We have invested in building 5G capabilities in our network for a long time. Our customers will see this as an even better quality of service also in the 4G network, despite the increasing data volumes. We believe that data usage will continue strong as 5G expands,” Laari says.

In the coming months, DNA’s 5G network will expand to Oulu, Jyväskylä, Lahti, Kuopio, Vaasa, Hämeenlinna, Seinäjoki, Rauma, Pori, Heinola, Pirkkala and Lempäälä.

*) Source: Tefficient report: Tefficient Industry Analysis #1 2020

Tefficient is an international analytical, benchmarking and consultancy company in the telecommunications sector, with reports available for download at https://tefficient.com/mobile-data-operators-fy-2019/

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Jarkko Laari, Director, Radio Networks, DNA Plc, tel. +358 (0)44 044 4949, jarkko.laari@dna.fi

DNA Corporate Communications, tel. +358 (0)44 044 8000, viestinta@dna.fi



DNA’s customers are Europe's most avid mobile data users and at the very top even globally
DNA’s customers are Europe's most avid mobile data users and at the very top even globally


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DNA is one of the leading telecommunications companies in Finland. We want to make our customers' daily lives less complicated. We offer connections, services and devices for homes and workplaces, contributing to the digitalisation of society. DNA’s mobile communication network customers have the highest mobile data usage per subscription in the world. We are Finland's largest cable TV operator. DNA has more than 4 million subscriptions in its fixed and mobile communications networks. The company was ranked the best employer in Finland in the large companies’ category of the 2019 Great Place to Work survey. In 2019, our net sales were EUR 942 million and we employ about 1,600 people around Finland. DNA is a part of Telenor Group, the leading ICT company in the Nordics. information: www.dna.fi, Twitter @DNA_fi, Facebook @DNA.fi and LinkedIn.

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