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Exhibition and Climate Watch to communicate Espoo’s climate action


Espoo has set itself the goal of achieving carbon neutral by 2030. The Climate Watch service allows you to follow how the city is progressing in implementing its climate action. The Climate action exhibition highlights the measures taken by the city to enable a climate-friendly life to its residents.

Climate Watch for following climate work

The Climate Watch service launched today brings together the climate work done by the City of Espoo on an easy-to-use website.You can use the watch to follow the progress of the city’s climate action in real time. The Climate Watch also helps the city’s experts in the management of climate measures.

The measures are divided into five themes: energy, traffic, land use and construction, circular economy and sustainable choices, and adaptation to climate change. Each theme is further divided into more precise entities consisting of individual measures. In addition, the Climate Watch provides general information about the city’s climate work and goals and, for example, a term bank.

The service will be developed and supplemented on a continuous basis. Later this year, Swedish and English language versions and a scenario tool will be released. The tool will illustrate the impact of the measures on the city’s annual emissions and carbon-neutrality target.

Exhibition to promote climate action

Carbon neutrality can only be achieved through extensive cooperation. The Climate action – let’s work together towards a carbon-neutral Espoo exhibition will highlight the measures taken by the city and also encourages residents to take action.

The climate change mitigation measures to be displayed in the exhibition are divided into four themes: housing, transport, food and other consumption. In addition, the concept of climate change will be elaborated and it will be explained how Espoo is preparing for the effects of climate change, i.e. adapting to the situation.

The exhibition will be open to the public at Nature House Villa Elfvik from 5 October to 24 November 2022. After that, the exhibition will be on display at the libraries of Entresse, Sello, Tapiola and Lippulaiva for approximately one month at each library. More detailed dates are available on the website. In the future, Villa Elfvik will loan the exhibition free of charge to schools and other suitable locations.

The exhibition boards will be available in Swedish and English on a website complementing the exhibition so that visitors can read them using a personal mobile device. The website also offers Finnish-speaking visitors more information on effective climate action, for example in the form of videos.School groups will be able to explore the exhibition using an assignment booklet.

The Climate action exhibition is part of the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of Espoo as a city. We can have an impact on what kind of a city we will be living in 50 years’ time.



Climate Watch of Espoo, Environmental Expert Jarkko Kallio, Environmental Protection, tel. +358 40 6365 510,

Climate action exhibition, Planning Officer Katri Luukkonen, Nature House Villa Elfvik, tel. +358 43 8265 253, (as of 29/09/2022)



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