Finnish and Japanese design to be featured at Habitare pop-up stands


The Finnish company Vaarnii and the Japanese company Tokyo Saikai have been selected to present at pop-up stands at this autumn’s Habitare. This will be the fourth time that the pop-up concept has been a feature at the event. Habitare will be held at Messukeskus in Helsinki from 7 to 11 September 2022.

The autumn’s Habitare event will feature two pop-up stands: one by the Finnish furniture company Vaarnii, launched in the spring of 2021, and another by Tokyo Saikai, the Japanese tableware manufacturer.

Vaarnii is based on Finnish tradition and a vernacular style

The design of the furniture manufacturer Vaarnii draws from Finnish tradition and a vernacular style while remaining timely. This is reflected in the name of the company, which merges the Finnish words for ‘dowel’ (‘vaarna’) and ash tree (‘saarni’). Vaarnii products are made in Finland, from Finnish materials, and they are designed to a high standard to stand the test of time. Vaarnii’s first collection is made of Finnish pine. The entire supply chain, including the company website, is transparent.

“As a new company, it is of primary importance to us that people can see and try out our products. Our products are quite challenging to photograph, as the scale of the pieces and the feel of the oil-waxed surfaces are not really conveyed by the images. It will, therefore, be very interesting to hear feedback from those actively following the industry about what the products really look like. We feel that Habitare gives us a great opportunity to share our story with a large number of viewers simultaneously”, says the Vaarnii founder and CEO Antti Hirvonen.


Tokyo Saikai’s product philosophy is based on local manufacture and durable design

Tokyo Saikai has its roots in the Japanese porcelain city of Hasami. The company specialises in the design of timeless and durable consumer ceramics. Tokyo Saikai employs several international designers. One of them is the Finnish designer Maija Puoskari. The Nuppu tableware collection designed by Puoskari is one of the product lines on sale at Tokyo Saikai’s pop-up stand at Habitare.

“Over the past 2 years, we have seen our fast-moving lives slow and our focus has shiftedmuch closer to home. With this recognition, we can have more opportunities to think more deeply about the way we live and our relationship with the earth. I’ve been visiting Finland for over 10 years and I always feel that it looks like both nature and Finnish people are not compromising each other and many designs are well reflecting this win-win relationship. I really expect this opportunity to introduce our brands and share our visions and values with visitors”, says Ayaka Tamaki from Tokyo Saikai.

“In recent years, there has been a new-found appreciation of all things local. However, there is still a long way to go before we can guarantee employment in traditional sectors and, in particular, in small localities. This demands modern companies like Vaarnii and Tokyo Saikai, whose products have a design idiom that resonates widely and whose values rely heavily on local roots and durable design. The loss of traditional skills and knowledge is a global threat that we, as consumers, can influence through our actions. At Habitare, we are really happy that, in September, our visitors will get an opportunity to explore these two, as yet quite unknown companies and their great products”, says the Habitare creative director, Laura Sarvilinna.

Habitare’s pop-up stands have been a feature at the event since 2017. The companies featured previously are MUJI, Minä Perhonen, and Alessi.

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