Four proposals for Finland’s sustainable choices and a strategic model for the government programme 


Amidst the current global turmoil, the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra is encouraging Finland to adhere to a model for the government programme that looks beyond the election cycle and to make four major choices.

Picture: Topias Dean / Sitra
Picture: Topias Dean / Sitra

The adoption of the four strategic proposals that Sitra has made for decision-makers would improve Finlands sustainable economy and competitiveness, develop democracy and safeguard the prosperity of Finns to cope with changing circumstances and shocks and crises.  

Jyrki Katainen, President of Sitra, calls for foresight on the part of current and future decision-makers: The global situation requires a strategic approach to decision-making that extends beyond election periods. The Covid-19 crisis and the war in Ukraine have fracturedpeoples sense of security and the mainstays of political life. In the meantime, megatrends have not disappeared.”  

The strategic model of a government programme developed by Sitra helps to aim beyond election cycles. It starts with a jointly created vision, and proceeds to strategic goals, which are further specified for each government term and translated into action through proposed measures. The aim is for people to live well within the earth's carrying capacity. 

The four major strategic choices are based on an economy that strengthens the climate and nature, the responsible use of data, the capacity for democracy to renew itself and the development of skills and education. Under the model, the overarching strategic goals have been broken down into 15 objectives for the government term and 23 proposed solutions. The choices are based on Sitras long-term future-oriented work: studies, experiments and development work carried out in collaboration with pioneers in different sectors. 

The model is a revised and updated version of Sitras first strategic government programme model introduced in 2015. 

Sitra urges decision-makers to adhere to the model even through the most challenging of times: it provides a vital roadmap for decision-making leading to a hopeful fair, sustainable and inspiring future.

Sitra’s four proposals for strategic goals for Finland that transcend electoral periods: 

  • An economy that serves the needs of the climate and nature will pave the way for Finland’s future prosperity. Finland understands that people’s well-being is entirely dependent on the state of the climate and nature. Biodiversity loss, the climate crisis and the overconsumption of natural resources should be tackled as a whole. 
  • The responsible and sustainable use of data has regenerated the Finnish economy. The efficient use of data and fair rules have helped Finland to sharpen its competitive edge and advance its work to resolve the sustainability crisis. 
  • Democracy is strong, multidimensional and dynamic. The development of democracy is a strategic priority that should be promoted on many levels. 
  • Competence and education are vital to sustained success in Finland. People have a holistic understanding of their abilities and how to use them. 



Elina Ravantti, Director of Communications and Public Affairs at Sitra,, tel. +358 (0)294 618 520


Picture: Topias Dean / Sitra
Picture: Topias Dean / Sitra


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