H is for Hemp, by Maren Krings – printed on Hahnemühle Hemp Paper


World´s first Hybrid Hemp paper suitable for book publishing and indigo printing premiers for London Book Fair in a published book. Hahnemühle supports 100% tree-free book with its very own environmental initiative Green Rooster.

©Maren Krings, H is for Hemp printed on Hahnemühle Hemp paper
©Maren Krings, H is for Hemp printed on Hahnemühle Hemp paper

The world´s first bookprinting paper made of Hemp is a passion project and lifetime commitment of photographer and climate impact storyteller Maren Krings. Her book on the subject of industrial hemp, its history and uses led her naturally to German paper manufacturer Hahnemühle. The development of Hahnemühle´s hemp paper and the production is exclusively featured within „H is for Hemp“ along with beautiful photography illustrating Marens‘ adventures over five years of travel accross the world.

Over the course of 2020 and 2021 she spent considerable time bringing all her photography, knowledge and notes together into this magnificient tome. „Hemp is a compass back to nature, showing us what a world would look like if it was not based on money, but on nature again“ explains Maren Krings. The narrative structure of the book is interesting, it is dictated by the alphpabet rather than a start and an ending due to the non-linear subject at hand. The book can be used by the reader as an encyclopeadia, manual or interesting fact book on industrial hemp and its uses.

Hahnemühle – as inventor of fineart hemp papers for photography and drawing – leveraged the Hybrid Hemp paper for offset and high-speed inkjet printing for the publishing industry in times when printing paper became limited and expensive. “It is the first paper made from sustainable hemp fibres grown in Europe for environmentally conscious print products. It captivates with the authenticity and haptics of a paper made from sustainable hemp fibres. Hahnemühle Hemp paper delivers outstanding results in text, photo and image printing for authors, agencies, print providers and publishers,” enthuses Jan Wölfle, CEO Hahnemühle Group. 

Hahnemühle supports the exhibition and the 100% tree-free book with its very own environmental initiative Green Rooster which is unique in the paper industry.

„H for Hemp“ was printed in partnership with Elanders Germany.

Hahnemühle´s Green Papers

Hahnemühle’s paper innovation using highly renewable crops began in 2008 with the launch of the Bamboo range of papers within the traditional artist paper portfolio. Market leading scientific research got into the manufacture of these highly pure papers which have been launched successfully into Digital FineArt, Life Science and Publishing industries. The range has grown over recent years to include papers made of Hemp, Agave and Sugar Cane.

Since 2008, Hahnemühle supports both regional and international environmental protection projects through its unique ‘Green Rooster’ initiative, including reforestation, animal protection and environmental education programmes. The paper manufacturer is delighted to be able to use a share of the profits from its Natural Line to contribute to environmental and climate protection. To date, more than EUR 300,000 has been donated to various environmental initiatives.

About Maren Krings

Krings work has been published and exhibited internationally and she is the author of four photo books including H is for Hemp. She graduated with a BFA in photography from the Savannah College of Art and Design (USA) and lives in Austria and Germany.


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©Maren Krings, H is for Hemp printed on Hahnemühle Hemp paper
©Maren Krings, H is for Hemp printed on Hahnemühle Hemp paper

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