Heads'n Tails, the winner of the Future City Challenge competition, aims to improve the condition of indoor air in Espoo’s schools


Organised by IBM, Digita and Etteplan, the Future City Challenge competition culminated in a Grande Finale and the selection of a winner on Valentine's Day. The aim of the FCC competition was to design new solutions and applications to ease the everyday lives of city dwellers. The cities participating in the competition were Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Oulu, Jyväskylä and Tampere. The winning team is Heads’n Tails, which proposed a solution for the City of Espoo. The team won with its "Schools into shape" solution; as the name suggests, the idea is to get schools into shape and ensure a healthy indoor air environment for schools and kindergartens.

Winning team Heads'n Tales from left Antti Ryysy, Tuukka Martikainen  and Kari Lehtomäki. Other team members are Jussi Nikki and Olli Paavola.
Winning team Heads'n Tales from left Antti Ryysy, Tuukka Martikainen and Kari Lehtomäki. Other team members are Jussi Nikki and Olli Paavola.

"We are very pleased with the overall level of the competitors’ solutions. The solution presented by the winner, Heads'n Tails, was an excellent fit with the requirements. It will benefit city residents, has commercial potential, ingenuity, and applies the technologies provided. Heads'n Tails’ solution could help to solve the current, widespread problems with indoor air by providing an easy and versatile way to measure it," says Rasmus Roiha, CEO and chairman for the jury.

"We can also assume that learning outcomes will improve due to the better quality of life provided by healthy indoor air. Taxpayers will save on real-estate maintenance costs and health services, when problems can be rectified in good time, before they escalate," says Tuukka Martikainen of the Heads'n Tails Team.

The solution combines sensor data with feedback based on the human, physical experience of a site, as well as data from various systems. Implementation will enable predictive analytics, allowing intervention before problems occur.  

In addition, the cities gave prizes for the best solutions from their own perspectives. "On behalf of the cities, I should add that we are delighted with the Future City Challenge competition and its easily deployed solutions," says Tuula Antola, Director of Economic Development for the City of Espoo.

Municipal directors of economic development, such as Tuula Antola of Espoo, Timo Antikainen of Tampere, José Valanta of Vantaa and Marja-Leena Rinkineva of Helsinki acted as judges in the Future City Challenge. The jury also included Rasmus Roiha, CEO of the Finnish Software Entrepreneurs Association. He also acted as the chairman of the jury.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jS9eiE5SbmU

Team: Jussi Nikki, Tuukka Martikainen, Olli Paavola, Kari Lehtomaa, Antti Ryysy

The competition winner will present its solution at IBM's largest customer and partner conference in the autumn of 2018. In addition, the winner will gain a year’s access to IBM's Cloud services. Digita will provide a year’s worth of LoRaWAN connections for 1,000 terminals. Etteplan will provide training and support services for the pilot project.


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Winning team Heads'n Tales from left Antti Ryysy, Tuukka Martikainen  and Kari Lehtomäki. Other team members are Jussi Nikki and Olli Paavola.
Winning team Heads'n Tales from left Antti Ryysy, Tuukka Martikainen and Kari Lehtomäki. Other team members are Jussi Nikki and Olli Paavola.


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