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Iso Omena Service Centre brings all customer service advisors to its main lobby


The premises of the Iso Omena Service Centre are being reorganised. The main lobby of the Service Centre now includes a service desk of the Iso Omena Library. Kela and the City of Espoo Service Point are also there. In addition, customers in need of advice can turn to the library staff working in the Kohtaamo meeting place next door.

At Iso Omena Service Centre. Picture: Suvi Jäntti
At Iso Omena Service Centre. Picture: Suvi Jäntti

The library service desk has been transferred to the lobby, next to the glass wall, across from the city’s Service Point. Some library staff will be stationed in the lobby from now on. They will also move around the library if needed. For now, the new library service desk is easy to recognise by the balloons.  

The library already moved its customer computers to the lobby in the summer. All public computers of the Service Centre as well as printers and copy machines are now in the main lobby.  

“The machines are now in the same lobby as the customer service advisors. This means that the staff will have more time to help customers use e-services,” says Service Centre Coordinator Suvi Jäntti. 

Reading room and films moved to adult section 

The newspaper reading room has been moved to the area where the computers used to be, namely the library’s adult section next to the health centre. The users of the reading room were finally given the larger space that they had been requesting. In addition, films for mature audiences were moved to the adult section. They can now be found in the area where the library’s information desk used to be. Later this autumn, the children’s section will be reorganised as well. 

“We are making these changes because we strive to listen carefully to our customers’ requests and needs. The Service Centre is alive and changes with the times. We are constantly improving it to make it more practical and comfortable for the customers,” says Jäntti. She encourages customers to continue providing feedback and ask the staff if they need help in finding the right service. 



Further information:

Service Centre Coordinator Suvi Jäntti, Iso Omena Service Centre,
040 579 4840


At Iso Omena Service Centre. Picture: Suvi Jäntti
At Iso Omena Service Centre. Picture: Suvi Jäntti


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