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Ixonos has today announced that it has selected IBM Bluemix as the platform for Ixonos IoT solutions and services.

Ixonos excels in business and service definition as well as user experience and visual design, and also has strong embedded software and hardware design capabilities. IBM is a strong partner for Ixonos with whom to work on many fronts from go-to-market planning to pure technology. IBM Bluemix provides the critical underlying infrastructure that is required to build complete IoT solutions with fast time to market. This, together with Ixonos’ customer network and domain expertise, especially in the area of industrial internet, allows the creation of truly value adding IoT services.

IBM Bluemix is based on open technologies, and is modular by design, which makes it is possible to put together just the right solution for each case, starting with a low cost, rapid pilot, and growing the solution in subsequent phases. The pricing scheme is flexible, and makes offering SaaS solutions easy. This makes a perfect foundation for Ixonos to create innovative end-to-end solutions that serve their customers’ businesses and deliver added value to them.

IoT and digitalisation is all about collecting and using data in novel ways to create new innovative services and business models. Bluemix analytics capabilities, such as Watson and SPSS, help in understanding the data and analyzing it to produce actionable results, and to deliver smart data that caters to the needs of various user groups. Paired with Ixonos’ user research capabilities this allows building IoT solutions that truly serve the end users.

“When developing IoT solutions, it is important to keep the focus in value creation for the users of the service and make technology serve business. Our research and design capabilities allow us to identify user journeys and to create an enjoyable service experience. IBM Bluemix lets us concentrate in producing value to our customers”, says Antti Vuolli, VP, Technology, IoT, Ixonos.

"We are very pleased that Ixonos has selected IBM Bluemix as the platform for their IoT solutions and services, which they will use to faster create new innovative end-to-end IoT solutions for their clients. With Bluemix platform, Ixonos can quickly connect devices, analyze the data and add on any needed services, such as cognitive computing from Watson services," says Antti Partanen, Nordic Channel Cloud Leader.



Antti Vuolli, VP, Technology, IoT, Ixonos, antti.vuolli@ixonos.com, +358 50 487 4172


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Ixonos is a creative technology company with designers, engineers, strategists, and innovators, working together in Finland, Great Britain, Singapore and the U.S. At the crossroad of business, design and technology, we work alongside our clients to innovate offerings, tap on business potential, and benefit on enhanced productivity. We assist companies all the way from an original challenge through captured value. With 20 years of commitment to delivering complete solutions, we transform businesses by creating both superior digital experience and technological platforms. We harmonise the disciplines to tell beautiful stories never heard before. Together we Discover, Design, and Deliver. Ixonos Plc is listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd. For more, visit: ixonos.com

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The creative technology company Ixonos is proud to announce a partnership with the Finnish animation studio Undo that specialise in 3D-animation and computer generated imagery (CGI). The partnership will foster the capabilities on creating the next generation digital and visuals solutions. These visual solutions comprise for example Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and animations. Increasing amount of digitalisation projects require visual elements; to enrich end users’ experience to a new level but also to illustrate complex visions and goals for the clients in order to help their strategic decision-making. ”Together with Undo we can enrich our offering with VR, AR and animations to provide the services which our clients are demanding”, says Ixonos’ CEO Sami Paihonen. ”The partnership allows us to create more positive frictions, that are new and more comprehensive business opportunities, for our clients. Undo is a unique and strong partner to complete our competences in th


Luova teknologiayhtiö Ixonos julkistaa uuden kumppanuuden Suomalaisen, 3D-animointiin ja CGI:hin (eng. Computer generated imagery) erikoistuneen animaatiostudio Undon kanssa. Kumppanuuden avulla pystytään edistämään seuraavan sukupolven digitaalisten ja visuaalisten rakaisujen, kuten virtuaalitodellisuuden (VR), lisätyn todellisuuden (AR) sekä animaatioiden, kehittämistä. Yhä useammissa digitalisaatioprojekteissa vaaditaan visuaalisia elementtejä paitsi rikastuttamaan loppukäyttäjän käyttäjäkokemusta, myös kuvaamaan monimutkaisia visioita ja tavoitteita asiakkaille heidän strategisen päätöksenteon tueksi. “Yhdessä Undon kanssa voimme rikastaa tarjoamaamme VR:n, AR:n ja animaatioiden avulla vastaamaan asiakkaidemme kysyntään”, Ixonosin toimitusjohtaja Sami Paihonen sanoo. “Kumppanuuden avulla pystymme luomaan lisää positiivista kitkaa, eli uusia ja monipuolisempia liiketoimintamahdollisuuksia asiakkaillemme. Undo on ainutlaatuinen ja vahva kumppani täydentämään visuaalista ja graafista


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IXONOS CREATES & OPERATES IN-CAR DIGITAL CONTENT STORE FOR HONDA – Future-proof connectivity and access to safe in-car apps via cloud2.10.2014 08:00:00 EESTPress release

HELSINKI, FINLAND – Ixonos, the creative technology company, delivers a cloud-based in-car digital content store for Honda based on the Ixonos Experience Store™. Known as the App Center, the service will run on Honda’s new Android head unit as a standard feature on all new Honda vehicles sold across Europe starting in 2015. Media and consumers will get a first look at the combination at the Paris Motorshow in October.

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