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Kasvu Open and Amazon Web Services collaborate to Help Startups in Finland


Kasvu Open today announces it will be working with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the global cloud computing service provider, to support Finish Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) to grow their businesses using cloud technology.

As part of the arrangement, Kasvu Open will become a member of the AWS Activate program and will be able to offer all of their members a number of benefits including mentoring and advice from AWS business and technical experts, access to AWS training and other education resources, and access to AWS Activate credits so Finnish SMEs can get started with their cloud based applications, at no cost.

AWS’s cloud computing services allow companies to get their ideas quickly started and rapidly launch scalable business operations without the need for major investments in IT or data centers. AWS’s cloud computing services can be utilized for any technology workload from Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) applications, big data analytics, mobile and web applications, enterprise software, applications for Internet of Things (IoT) systems, software development and testing environments, and many, many more.

For Kasvu Open, the collaboration with a global industry leader opens up new and interesting opportunities for Finnish SMEs.

“We are excited to work with AWS to help companies develop their digital business,” said Jaana Seppälä, CEO of Kasvu Open.

"In today’s world, the operations of countless companies are being challenged by new business models, an increasing amount of data, and the corona crisis, which is affecting the operational environment on a global scale. However, scalable digital solutions, based on cloud computing technologies, are allowing companies to grow their businesses and experiment with new approaches to serve their end users. We are excited to work with Finnish companies to help then to adapt to this new world."

 ”Finnish companies are amongst the most innovative in the world and the country has a long history of producing exciting and world recognised companies,” said Guido Bartels, Managing Director Nordics & Baltics at Amazon Web Services.

"We are excited to work with Kasvu Open to help grow and develop the next generation of Finnish businesses.”



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Kasvu Open
Kasvu Open
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Kasvu Open is a national business coaching programme that provides help and support for developing and growing business operations free of charge.
You can apply to the Kasvu Open programme regardless of your business industry, location or sales.In the year 2018 Kasvu Open received two awards, the Internationalization Award of the President of Finland and European Commission's European Enterprise Promotion Award.

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