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Leapmotor's First Mass Production Model With CTC Technology


On February 25, 2022, Leapmotor for the first time announced the highlights of its new model C01. It is an electric mid-to-large-sized sedan developed on its C-Vehicle Platform, and also the first mass production model equipped with CTC battery technology, acceleration to 100 km/h in less than 4 seconds, 5-meter plus length and 700km ultra-long range. It will also further expand the portfolio with a planned launch in Q2 of 2022.

Technological and Natural Aesthetics to Create an Inner "Style"

Leapmotor C01 takes natural aesthetics as the design concept, emphasizing smart mobility experience. The design of C01 is featured with technical elements, offering a comfortable environment while the immersive cabin brings a luxurious experience for young, high-end, urban families.

C01 Key Product Features Unveiled

Because of Leapmotor's full-suite of R&D capabilities, the C01 offers compelling features – CTC technology, acceleration, vehicle length and NEDC range. It is set to become a popular product on the EV market.

NO.1 – Leapmotor’s First Mass Production Model with CTC Technology

CTC (Cell-To-Chassis) is a cutting-edge technology that integrates battery into the chassis, leading to greater shock resistance and improved strength of the vehicle. The C01 offers better handling performance, range and collision safety thanks to the CTC Technology.

0-100 km/h Acceleration in less than 4 seconds — Fastest acceleration among electric sedans within the same class in China, supercar-level performance

Leapmotor C01 has one of the fastest acceleration among electric sedans within the same class in China. It is equipped with "Higher Dimension" intelligent power system, using variable-structured oil-cooled electric drive with up to 1 million kilometers lifespan and the world's top NVH performance and power efficiency, meeting the demand for long range and high performance of EVs. In addition, flush door handle, sportback design, 0.226 ultra-low drag coefficient and 5% reduced vehicle weight will offer better performance.

Vehicle Length of over 5 Meter — Mid-to-large-sized sedan

As a mid-to-large sedan, Leapmotor C01 has a 5-meter plus length, wider rear legroom and large trunk space, offering exceptional comfort.

700km Ultra-long NEDC Range — Meeting long-distance travel needs

The C01 is equipped with a 90kWh ultra-large battery, capable of 700km ultra-long NEDC range, meeting consumer needs for long-distance travel. With penetrated large module scheme and intelligent battery management system can improve battery life, range and overall safety.

Full-suite of R&D capabilities Empowering Innovation

Leapmotor has been committed to growing its portfolio of R&D capabilities, obtaining and declaring 1,474 patents, 939 of which have been approved, and more than 40% of which are innovation patents.

Leapmotor increased its product line in 2021 by releasing the C11 as a mid-sized smart electric SUV, entering the RMB 150,000-200,000 SUV sector that has long been dominated by automakers.

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