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MFA: Foreign Minister Haavisto at the Paasikivi Society: Values are at the core of our foreign policy


Foreign Minister Haavisto highlighted the importance of human rights-based foreign policy in his speech to the Paasikivi Society in Helsinki on 27 November.

According to Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto, the world is undergoing fundamental change, and Finland cannot be just a bystander. In addition to geopolitics, there is also a fight for ideologies and ideas. According to the Foreign Minister, we must ensure that a country such as Finland has a living space in the world and that we have partners who understand our way of thinking and interests.

“Values and interests can also be merged in foreign policy, and this is how I feel about human rights. We defend a world order where we have room for manoeuvre and where it is possible for us to maintain peace, stability and prosperity,” Haavisto says.

The Government Programme describes the promotion of human rights, the rule of law, democracy, peace, freedom, tolerance and equality as the value base for Finland's foreign policy. The value base will also be reflected in the Government Report on Finnish Foreign and Security Policy, the work on which began this autumn.

“Values are not a postscript of our activities, but at the heart of everything. Values that are important to us can and must be defended. It is worthwhile to apply actively for play positions in order to promote international cooperation,” Foreign Minister Haavisto says.

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