MFA: Maailman Markkinat 2017–2018 review published



Press release 139/2017
18 August 2017

Maailman Markkinat 2017–2018 review published

The annual review Maailman Markkinat 2017–2018 (global markets 2017–2018) was published on 18 August. The countries presented in the review are of particular interest both with regard to their markets and current trade policies.

The review was published at a Team Finland seminar organised in cooperation with the Finnish Chamber of Commerce. The theme of the seminar was “Business growth from Southeast Asia and Australia”. A recording of the seminar is available via the Twitter account @ulkoministerio or at https://www.pscp.tv/Ulkoministerio/.

Maailman Markkinat 2017–2018 is an annual review on international trade and economic relations published by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. It examines changes in the global economy, trade policy and individual markets. The publication provides information on the development of the national economy, foreign trade, society and regulatory environment of 39 countries.

Articles in the review make part of the Team Finland Market Opportunities service. This year, the service has announced more than 400 different business opportunities and encouraged several hundreds of Finnish companies to grasp these opportunities.

Inquiries: Anne Ahonen, Senior Adviser, Department for External Economic, tel.  +358 295 351 096.

The Foreign Ministry's email addresses are of the format firstname.lastname@formin.fi.


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