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MFA: Minister Blomqvist participates in a conference on sustainable Nordic democracy


Minister for Nordic Cooperation Thomas Blomqvist will participate virtually in a conference on strong democratic systems typical of the Nordic countries. The conference, which will be held in Copenhagen on 8 December aims to show how sustainable democracy in the Nordic region is strengthened by the participation of the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland in Nordic cooperation alongside with the Nordic states.

The conference is a joint initiative of Finland and Åland under Finland’s current Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers. The organiser of the conference is the Finnish Institute of International Affairs (FIIA), supported by the Secretariat of the Nordic Council of Ministers. The conference will be opened by Ministers for Nordic Cooperation from Finland and Åland, Thomas Blomqvist and Annette Holmberg-Jansson. The conference coincides with the 100th anniversary of Åland.

“The overall vision for Nordic Cooperation is to make the Nordics the most sustainable and integrated region in the world”, minister Blomqvist states. “This conference is the culmination of a joint Presidency project by Finland and Åland, with the aim of promoting successful forms of democratic governance and thus contributing to sustainable development and the Nordic vision. Close Nordic cooperation is a great asset to us all, including to the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland, bringing multiple benefits to the whole region.”

The conference supports the vision of the Nordic prime ministers to make the Nordic region the most sustainable and integrated region in the world by 2030. The fact that the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland participate in Nordic cooperation can serve as an example of the benefits of democratic structures and practices for all parties also in wider contexts.

The conference is intended for diplomats and international audiences from both the Nordic countries and outside the region. Speakers at the conference include former President of Finland Tarja Halonen, Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights at the UN Ilze Brands Kehris, ministers for Nordic cooperation, researchers and public officials.

In connection with the conference on 7 December, the Finnish Institute of International Affairs and the Åland Islands Peace Institute has published their research report on the participation of the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland in Nordic cooperation.

The conference will be held at 13.30–17.30 Finnish time. A webcast of the event will be available on YouTube.

The programme of the meeting is available here

Read more about the research report on the website of the Finnish Institute of International Affairs.


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