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Puffs Increased By 42%! UPENDS UpBAR GT Is About To Dominate The Global Disposable Vape Market


UPENDS, an e-cigarette brand that prioritizes users’ experience and aims to become the favorite brand for vapers, is recognized and widely appreciated in Europe for the UpBAR GT, its annual flagship disposable vape. Powered by innovative FRESOR technology, the UpBAR GT shows the potential of dominating the global disposable vape market.

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UpBAR GT Series - World's First Car Concept Disposable & Closed Pod System (Photo: Business Wire)

When some vape brands retreated under the shadow of being taken off the shelves due to the excessive nicotine, UPENDS push its annual flagship disposable vape UpBAR GT to the market with all efforts, and received massive praise from consumers, professional reviewers, local distributors, etc. Why does the company dare to take the risk? The reason is that, according to official information, UPENDS has made a breakthrough in mesh coil technology which brings a significant puff increase under the same standard e-liquid capacity.

Next-Gen Mesh Coil Brings 42% More Puffs

“We have successfully upgraded not only the mesh coil, but also the atomization space and airflow channel, which improves the atomization efficiency and ensures that puffs of UpBAR GT be increased without adding more e-liquid,” said Doctor Wu, the Chief Product Officer of UPENDS. Compared with other 2mL e-liquid products, based on the laboratory data, the puffs of UpBAR GT have increased by 42% without taste fade, and the e-liquid splash has also been reduced. “This is not the performance of a purposely selected UpBAR GT, but all of them have such excellent performance,” added Dr. Wu. “UpBAR GT is produced on a fully automated production line so that each piece will have the same consistency and reliability.”

Innovative FRESOR Technology For Fully Automated Production

Fully automated production is the best way to ensure product consistency and reliability. As traditional cotton rolls are too hard to manufacture automatically, UPENDS brought the FRESOR technology to UpBAR GT, allowing the flat mesh coil, cotton and other components to be assembled layer by layer. In addition, the company has patented the V-shaped air channel and Tesla valve, invented for stronger airflow input and better leakproof. “Integrating several patented technologies, UpBAR GT achieves the best of all disposable vapes currently, and can be produced with over 99.9% consistency,” said Dr. Wu.

Appreciation From All Over The World

It seems that UpBAR GT is not only excellent in structures and design, but its actual performance is praiseworthy. Allegedly, one of the head agents in Europe has ordered more than 3,000,000 pieces only after trying it for the first time, showing their extremely high satisfaction with its taste and design. Moreover, an investigation of UpBAR GT vaping experience also showed its popularity among customers, who expressed a high willingness to repurchase. “The draw is smooth and warm, and the flavors are reproduced really well because of its innovative vertical mesh coil design. To be honest, UpBAR GT did an excellent job and is far above average disposable vapes”, reviewed by DJLsb Vapes, a professional vape reviewer, showing a similar opinion as other reviewers on YouTube. It is evident that UpBAR GT has the potential to be one of the best-seller disposable vapes around the world.

UpBAR GT Will Make Its Debut At Major European Vape Exhibitions

Now there comes the chance for you to experience UpBAR GT for yourself. According to UPENDS, the company will be exhibiting UpBAR GT in Germany, United Kingdom, Italy and Spain in May and June. You can come to their booth to get your hands on it, taste it, talk about it and even order it on the spot. In addition, UPENDS will exhibit more new products like UPENDS GTR - the closed pod version of UpBAR GT, offer additional deals and discounts, and host fun events, so wishing you a wonderful experience at these UPENDS shows!


Founded in 2019, UPENDS is an e-cigarette brand dedicated to the field of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems. The good reputation of UPENDS as a leading e-cigarette brand in Europe attributes to its excellent manufacturing technology and quality, simple design, and cost-effective features. Currently, UPENDS is expanding its global development. UPENDS persistent pursuit is to prioritize users’ experience and to be Vaper's favorite. For more information, please visit

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