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Special traffic arrangements due to Pasilansilta worksite


The worksite of Pasilansilta’s new public transport terminal will cause special traffic arrangements starting from 3 June 2019 onwards. Tram routes 2 and 7 will operate on special routes and cars will be guided to the new extension of Pasilansilta. These special arrangements will be in effect for the whole summer.

Tram routes 2 and 7 will not operate to Länsi-Pasila between 3 June and 11 August. They will run on special routes: Route 2 runs to Meilahti to the end loop of Kuusitie and route 7 ends in Itä-Pasila. Bus line 2X replaces the tram route from Kansaneläkelaitos stop to Pasila.

These special routes of tram lines 2 and 7 and the route of the replacement bus 2X are presented in HRT’s traffic bulletin.

Additionally, routes 7 and 9 will not operate to Pasila station between 29 July and 11 August due to work on the tracks. More details on this will be provided during the summer.

Drivers, pay attention to car lanes

The worksite also affects car traffic, as lanes switch places in the Pasilansilta and Ratapihantie junction. The new lane arrangements have been clearly marked on the road. The number of lanes will mostly remain the same.

The reason for these traffic arrangements is the worksite of the new public transport terminal.

“The construction of the new public transport terminal in Pasilansilta proceeds rapidly. The old tracks of Pasila public transport terminal will be disassembled during the summer, the old bridge deck will be repaired and the new tracks installed,” says Project Manager Juuso Luoto, describing the work to be done during the summer.

During the tram transport shutdown, water pipe and district heating connections will be built under Pasilankatu, at Kyllikinportti, which also causes disruptions to traffic. Drivers are recommended to avoid driving in the Pasila area the entire summer if alternative routes are possible.

The Pasilansilta public transport terminal will be commissioned in late October 2019. When the construction is finished, the new junction area and the public transport terminal will better serve the traffic flows in the entire developing Pasila area.

Pasila will grow into a lively centre

The renewal of Keski-Pasila is a part of the comprehensive renewal project of Pasila, in which the city centre of Helsinki will expand into Pasila. In future years, Pasila will develop into an increasingly significant and livelier centre, thanks to notable new construction and transportation projects in the area. The new Pasila will offer spaces for working, living and recreation. Currently, there are 23,000 jobs and 10,000 residents in Pasila, and in 2040 these numbers will be 50,000 jobs and 30,000 residents.



Traffic arrangements and worksite
Project Manager
Juuso Luoto
Urban Environment Division
tel. 09 310 39954

Site Engineer
Mikko Ratia
GRK Infra OY
tel. 040 723 0670

Public transport
Communication specialist
Johannes Laitila
Helsinki Region Transport HRT
tel. 040 528 2976

Urban Development
Project Director
Päivi Ahlroos
City Executive Office
tel. 09 310 23661


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