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Tapani Virolainen is the new director of STUK's Nuclear Reactor Regulation Department


Tapani Virolainen (48), M.Sc (Tech.),has been appointed as Director of the Nuclear Reactor Regulation Department and a member of the Management Team at STUK. His appointment takes effect from 1 June 2022.

The assignment will continue until end of May 2027. Currently Tapani Virolainen is the Deputy Director of the Department.

The Nuclear Reactor Regulation Department at STUK has about 120 employees. Its task is to ensure that Finnish nuclear power plants are designed and operated in accordance with regulations and that the operation does not cause radiation hazards that endanger the health of the plant's employees or population or damage the environment or property.

Kirsi Alm-Lytz to IAEA

The current Director of the Nuclear Reactor Regulation Department, Kirsi Alm-Lytz, has been appointed as Head of Regulatory Activities Section in Division of Nuclear Installation Safety at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) for a three-year term beginning in June.



Tapani Virolainen, tfn (09) 759 88 671
Kirsi Alm-Lytz, tfn (09) 759 88 663


Tapani Virolainen
Tapani Virolainen
Kirsi Alm-Lytz
Kirsi Alm-Lytz

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