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The new Kera will be created through cooperation


The new, urban Kera will be one of the first places along the urban rails where the smart city of the future will be built. The City of Espoo’s objectives of permanently becoming the most sustainable city in Europe and achieve carbon-neutrality during the 2020s will be taken into account in Kera’s development. Smart solutions and permanent value will be created through the cooperation launched with the City’s partner network.

Urbanisation challenges urban development. In Espoo, sustainable growth will be created along the rails. Kera showcases the implementation of UN’s sustainable development goals. Kera will be developed into an urban city district with state-of-the-art clean and smart solutions. Kera will be developed as a model platform of circular economy, based on a digital platform. The purpose is to create important solutions, such as new energy solutions, forms of transport and ways of urban food production.

This change will be achieved together with the partners and residents, and a new kind of network cooperation has been formed to develop the area.

“Building a sustainable city requires a new way of thinking and operating through networks. Together with our partners, we develop smart and clean solutions that facilitate sustainable growth. In Espoo, we are building a smart city from the perspectives of residents and customers. The goal is smooth-running, healthy and safe everyday life,” says Mayor of Espoo Jukka Mäkelä.

In Kera, the change is driven by the partner network, which will help develop the functionality of the area. All the development partners are strongly committed to developing services in Kera, in accordance with the common goal. Cooperation requires trailblazers, now and in the future. The joint development model and the solutions created for the area can be copied elsewhere.

“Together, we will develop the area’s services and functions that will be available during the temporary use of the area’s facilities as well as during the construction phase and when the area is finished. The digital platform facilitates the region’s development, offering residents and employees the chance of carbon-neutral, functional day-to-day life,” says Project Manager Niina Nousjärvi.

The Smart and Clean Kera project is a part of the Sustainable Espoo programme driving forward the Espoo Story. The project involves eight partner companies: A-Insinöörit Oy, Espoon Asunnot, Fortum Oyj, LähiTapiola, Neste Oyj, Nokia Oyj, Ramirent Oy and SOK. Additionally, the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra and the Smart & Clean foundation of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area are part of the project.

An urban and smart city district of at least 14,000 people and 10,000 jobs will be built in the new Kera. Some large companies have their headquarters in Kera, and this new change has been started by reviving the now silent, rugged industrial halls and taking them into temporary use. Kera will be built into a crown jewel of sustainable urban development and an international reference site, where the City, the companies and different operators will together create new, clean and smart solutions that make day-to-day life easier for the residents.

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Niina Nousjärvi, Smart and Clean Kera project manager, City of Espoo +358 (0)46 43825 8883,

Pekka Vikkula, project manager, City of Espoo +358 (0)46 877 2601,

Pasi Laitala, director of sustainable development, City of Espoo +358 (0)43 8245 427,

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