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The strongest actors in solar energy to cooperate – Skarta and Solarigo aim to build 1,000 megawatts of solar power


Skarta Group Oyj, the builder of a clean future, and Solarigo Systems Oy, the leading developer of industrial solar power plants in Finland, and Lumme Energia Oy, a reformer of the energy sector, have signed a cooperation agreement concerning the construction of new solar parks in Finland and Sweden. Together, the partners aim to build 1,000 megawatts of solar power and expand to become the leading operator in the sector in the Nordic countries.

Through this cooperation, Skarta and Solarigo are able to apply their areas of expertise to develop large-scale solar power plants as complete solutions. The companies of Skarta Group have considerable experience in energy construction projects, and the core expertise of Sitema Oy, an affiliated company, is high-voltage power systems. Solarigo’s references include the construction of more than 160 major solar power plants and the installation of over 120,000 solar panels. By working together, the companies have the capacity to carry out the largest solar power projects in Finland as turn-key deliveries to customers. The partners have extensive networks of contacts with institutions that invest in renewable energy as well as operators in the conventional energy sector, and the plan is to cooperate with them in carrying out the projects.

“We are delighted about the new partnership with Solarigo. The construction of industrial-scale solar energy is about to begin in Finland, and these projects are becoming financially beneficial as a result of advanced technology and high prices of electricity. The situation in the energy market puts further pressure on developing self-sufficiency and, by combining our strengths, we can put more effort into not only the green transition but also the improvement of Finnish security of supply,” says Tuomas Hirvonen, Skarta Group Oyj’s CEO.

In addition to the construction of the solar park, the cooperation between the partners also includes surveying land areas suitable for new projects, the required official processes, securing funding to make project investments and the operations related to the sales of completed solar parks. Furthermore, the partners have the capability to offer long-term solar power plant usage and maintenance services.

The service offering can also include the electricity sales services of Solarigo’s parent company, Lumme Energia Oy, such as market services for in-person electricity sales, electricity portfolio management service and long-term power purchase agreements (PPA) for the electricity production of solar parks throughout their lifecycle.

Solarigo has been a pioneer in Finnish solar energy solutions since 2015. Solarigo currently owns and operates more than 120 solar power plants to provide renewable electricity to customers at various locations around Finland. The company has had a tremendous impact on the growth and development of the solar energy sector in Finland. In early 2022 in Kalajoki, Solarigo started work on its largest project to date: the construction of a solar park with more than 24,000 solar panels next to the wind farm currently under construction and owned by their partner VSB Uusiutuva Energia Suomi Oy.

”Solar energy complements perfectly wind power as a renewable energy production method. By working together with Skarta, we can deliver even larger power plant solutions to our customers and ensure the growth of our business in the middle of the energy market transformation,” says Antti Koskelainen, Solarigo Group’s CEO.

Skarta and Solarigo are currently developing investment projects generating more than 300 megawatts of solar energy, and the development work continues in cooperation. The acquisition of NYAB Group by Skarta, estimated to take place in late March, will further improve the company’s capacity to expand the cooperation specified in the agreement to the Swedish market. In addition to the cooperation, the partners will continue their own development of smaller scale solar power plant projects. Skarta, for example, is involved in projects related to the Near Energy concept developed by the company, which aims to provide locally produced renewable energy to local users.

About the companies

Skarta builds a clean future – with decades of experience of demanding construction projects. Our strategy is based on our strong expertise in specialized construction and our goal is to expand in the value chain of wind power, solar energy, and hydrogen solutions towards realization of complete clean energy projects where we see excellent growth opportunities. Skarta is headquartered in Oulu and has more than 180 employees in various locations in Finland and Sweden.

Solarigo is a Finnish energy company offering renewable solar power. We offer locally produced solar energy for our customers with full service package. Our business is most of all successful cooperation with our customers. Our goal is to enable a significant increase in solar energy in Finland and other Nordic countries together with our parent company Lumme Energia.

About SkartaNYAB Oyj

Skarta builds a clean future – with decades of experience of demanding construction projects. Our strategy is based on our strong expertise in specialized construction and our goal is to expand in the value chain of wind power, solar energy, and hydrogen solutions towards realization of complete clean energy projects where we see excellent growth opportunities. Skarta is headquartered in Oulu and has more than 300 employees in various locations in Finland and Sweden.

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