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Skangass invests in Pori LNG terminal – LNG to be supplied to customers from the terminal in 2016


Skangass has made an investment decision and will construct a liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal as well as an efficient LNG logistics chain in Tahkoluoto, Pori, Finland.

Illustration of the Skangass Pori LNG terminal
Illustration of the Skangass Pori LNG terminal

Skangass, a subsidiary of the natural energy gas company Gasum, has made an investment decision concerning the Pori LNG terminal. The terminal will have a capacity of 30,000 cubic meters and the expected completion for the project is autumn 2016.

Skangass has selected the main contractor and suppliers for the project. The key project partners are Neste Jacobs (ECPM contract), KVL-Tekniikka Oy (site construction and piling work) and FCC Industrial (EPC storage tank). Subcontractors for FCC Industrial in the project will include Destia Ltd and Rudus Oy. The employment effect of the construction project is estimated to be the equivalent of 250 full-time employees. Once operational, the terminal will employ around 10 people directly and around 50 people indirectly.

”The investment decision will speed up the progress of the construction project. It is highly important that the Pori terminal is completed on schedule and that we can launch deliveries to our existing and new customers. Interest in LNG exists among industrial, shipping as well as heavy-duty land transport customers,” says Director Tommy Mattila from Skangass.

The LNG terminal in Tahkoluoto, Pori will be the Skangass’ third terminal in the Nordic countries. A terminal of the same capacity was opened by the company in Lysekil, Sweden, in the summer. The Øra terminal in Norway is smaller in terms of its storage capacity. Skangass also has a long-term supply contract with the Norwegian Lyse Group concerning the use of the LNG production facility located in Risavika, Norway. The facility supplies LNG to industrial, shipping and heavy-duty land transport customers by road and sea. Skangass has charter parties for two LNG tankers and it operates a fleet of 20 LNG road tankers.

LNG is an environmentally friendly fuel that can be used to replace oil-based fuels in industry, energy production and maritime transport and, consequently, achieve major reductions in particulate as well as sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide emissions from these activities.



For further information please contact:

Tommy Mattila
Director, Marketing and Sales, Skangass
Phone: +358 20 447 8523

Olga Väisänen
Director, Communications and Marketing, Gasum
Phone: +358 20 447 8628


Illustration of the Skangass Pori LNG terminal
Illustration of the Skangass Pori LNG terminal
Illustration of the Skangass Pori LNG terminal
Illustration of the Skangass Pori LNG terminal


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Skangas Oy
Skangas Oy
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Skangass is the leading player in the Nordic LNG markets. The company provides customers with LNG for shipping, industrial and heavy-duty land transport needs. LNG is a logistical solution that can be supplied to users outside the natural gas network. LNG is the most competitive and cleanest as well as a cost-effective shipping fuel. The company reported a turnover of €145 million in 2013 and has 44 employees. Skangass is a subsidiary of the Finnish natural energy gas expert, Gasum Corporation and is jointly owned by Gasum (51%) and the Norwegian company Lyse Energi (49%). Gasum is a Finnish expert in natural energy gases. The company imports natural gas to Finland and transmits and supplies it for energy production, industry, homes and transport. Gasum is an active developer of the Finnish biogas sector. The company is the leading supplier of biogas and liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Finland. Gasum has launched several studies concerning the development of biogas production and the utilization of LNG as a marine fuel in Baltic Sea shipping. Gasum acquired the majority of the LNG distribution business of the Norwegian company Skangass in February 2014. Cleanly with natural energy gases –

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