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Change in Reka Industrial Plc's own B shares held by the company

15.12.2020 10:00:00 EET | Reka Industrial Oyj | Changes in company's own shares

According to decisions made by the Annual General Meeting on 24.11.2020 Reka Industrial Plc has assigned 2,777 own B shares to the members of the Board of Directors concerning period 24.6.2020-24.11.2020.

The shares were assigned as a part of the annual remuneration and performance bonus of the Board of Directors. 1,186 shares were paid as part of the Board's annual remuneration and 1,591 shares as part of the performance bonus.

Reka Industrial Plc is holding 53,572 own B shares after this assignment.

Hyvinkää, 15 December 2020

Reka Industrial Plc
Board of Directors


Jukka Poutanen

Managing Director

About Reka Industrial Oyj

Neo Industrial Plc is a Finnish company, that focuses on building a sustainable future by developing and renewing modern society. We own emerging private companies in the industrial sector, to whom we are a long-term and responsible partner. As a conglomerate, we create opportunities responsibly for a smart and energy-efficient society. Neo Industrial Plc's class B shares are listed on the main list of NASDAQ Helsinki Stock Exchange.

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