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BYD Launched BAO 5 under Its New Brand FANGCHENGBAO and the DMO Technology


BYD, the world’s leading manufacturer of new energy vehicles and power batteries, introduced FANGCHENGBAO, its new professional personalized sub-brand, as well as its sophisticated technology: the Dual Mode Off-road (DMO) Super Hybrid Platform. The first model of the new brand - BAO 5, a super hybrid off-road SUV harnessing the DMO technology was launched during the event as well as a concept car BAO 8 and BAO 3.

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Wang Chuanfu, the Chairman and President of BYD (Photo: Business Wire)

Wang Chuanfu, the Chairman and President of BYD, said at the launch event that FANGCHENGBAO aspires to redefine vehicular experience by offering an unparalleled blend of professionalism and personalization to global users, driving a profound "revolution" in the NEV landscape, transforming cars into unique, tailor-made assets for every individual.

The Brand: A great leap in New Energy Vehicle Sector

The brand name FANGCHENGBAO, derived from Chinese phonetics, symbolizes a blend of precision ("FANGCHENG" for "formula") and agility ("BAO" for "leopard"), introducing a series of specialized technologies, including the DMO Super Hybrid Off-Road Platform, which is also inaugurated at the event.

FANGCHENGBAO envisions the confluence of state-of-the-art new energy technologies and diverse users' preferences will unlock unprecedented user experience: whether journeying through the vast wilderness, speeding on a racetrack, navigating through bustling cityscapes, or cruising on highways; whether seeking occasional exhilaration or traversing daily commutes, an exclusive driving experience for every scenario is now within reach.

To meet this end, FANGCHENGBAO will integrate BYD's apex technologies, forward-looking designing ethos, and the vertically integrated supply chain system, in order to enrich every vehicle with distinctive tailor-made possibilities.

FANGCHENGBAO symbolizes the fusion of new energy and boundless possibilities, turning every individual's dreams into tangible reality.

The DMO Technology: Unleashing the Might of Electricity for Individual Empowerment

At the event, BYD unveiled the innovative DMO Super Hybrid Off-Road Platform, signaling a significant pivot from traditional gasoline engines. This platform powers the FANGCHENGBAO vehicles, promising a transformative off-road experience while championing energy efficiency, and empowering every user with pinnacle technology.

The DMO combines BYD's Revolutionary Non-Load-Bearing Frame Designed for Hybrids with a specialized off-road hybrid architecture. This integration taps into BYD's expertise in high-performance chassis, intelligent electric four-wheel drive, and off-road powertrains. As a result, DMO strikes an unparalleled balance between vehicle safety, powerful off-roading, and energy consumption.

Instead of traditional modifications that add weight and increase rollover risks, the DMO innovatively fuses the Blade Battery and high-strength steel frame, evolving to the Cell to Chassis (CTC) technology. This not only ensures battery safety during extreme off-road scenarios but also significantly boosts overall vehicle safety.

The platform also boasts features like the longitudinal EHS electric hybrid system and an industry-first off-road rear-drive powertrain, as well as the Xiaoyun longitudinal high-performance engine, delivering a formidable system power of more than 500kW and an unmatched traction of 32,000N. Moreover, DMO vehicles utilize intelligent torque control technology to minimize the turning radius to just 3.4 meters. Also thanks to its powerful drive and precise electronic control, users can effortlessly navigate through swampy terrains, rugged mountains, gravelly slopes, and many other extreme terrains with the DMO. Equipped with three Differential Locks, drivers can switch to low-speed gear, which is designed for off-road scenario, with a push on the button.

Building on this innovative architecture, DMO incorporates a double-wishbone independent suspension at both ends, which, when paired with DiSus-P Hydraulic Body Control System, assures SUV-like comfort even in challenging terrains. The platform achieves 35% fuel savings compared to gasoline-powered off-road vehicles.

DMO stands out as a predominantly electric-driven, professional-grade off-road platform. It represents the culmination of over twenty years of BYD's cutting-edge technological evolution and insights from the experience gleaned from millions of BYD PHEVs. This platform transcends the conventional and substantially amplifies the capabilities of electric mobility. With its vast technical prowess, the DMO surmounts challenges that new energy vehicles typically encountered across scenarios, recalibrating the paradigm for off-road vehicular design and functionality.

Looking ahead, FANGCHENGBAO is set to venture into domains such as off-road SUVs and sports cars, where traditional gasoline vehicles predominate, starting from models with the DMO platform.

The New Models: Pioneers With Leading Technology and Unique Product Offerings

Three FANGCHENGBAO's models offer a powerful product lineup, catering to a range of individual preferences, demonstrating its robust product matrix and its dedication to professionalism and individuality.

The BAO 5, positioned as a super hybrid off-road SUV, is equipped with key technologies like DMO and DiSus-P Hydraulic body control system. Its design seamlessly combines industrial aesthetics with robust power, delivering unparalleled stability and safety for users.

As a brand emphasizing customization, FANGCHENGBAO offers the BAO 5 a variety of front-face structures that can be seamlessly integrated or adjusted. It provides a flexible foundation tailored to each user's unique modification preferences.

The BAO 8 concept car, named SUPER 8, unveils the brand's futuristic vision for off-road SUVs. Inspired by sci-fi battlefields, this design ensures robust integration and enhanced protection, inspiring driver confidence. Furthermore, preliminary details about the BAO 3 were revealed, hinting at a trendy model geared towards diverse audiences with a playful spirit.

To ensure consistent service and experience quality, FANGCHENGBAO will adopt a Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) model in the initial phase in the Chinese market, planning to reach 60 cities by 2024. It is also announced that the BAO 5 will have its first offline debut at the Chengdu Motor Show, starting August 25th.

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