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Proposals from Admicom’s Nomination Committee for the AGM 2024


Unofficial translation of the company release on February 1, 2024 at 9:00 a.m. EET. In case the document differs from the original, the Finnish version prevails.

The nomination committee

As decided by Admicom’s AGM in 2023, a nomination committee has been formed among Admicom’s largest owners to prepare proposals for the AGM 2024. The members of the nomination committee are:

  • Jan Andersson, elected by Swedbank Robur Fonder,    
  • Antti Katajisto, elected by SEB Investment Management,
  •  Ville Kivipelto, elected by Danske Fonder and
  • Jonathan Schönbäck, elected by ODIN Fonder.

Petri Niemi, chairman of board of Admicom, has been co-opted to the nomination committee.

The nomination committee has held three meetings to prepare it proposals to the 2024 AGM. Beside discussing the Company’s strategy and challenges over the next few years with the chairman, the nomination committee has made individual interviews with all board members and have concluded that the board work is efficient with ambitious and well-motivated board members.

After the committee meetings and interviews with the board members the nomination committee decided not to propose any changes to the current composition of the board. After the changes executed during the last couple of years the committee is in the opinion that the current board is in line with the company strategy what comes to the different competencies as well as the number of the members.


The nomination committee proposes unanimously to the 2024 AGM that

  1. The board of Admicom shall consist of seven members up to the AGM 2025

  2. Re-election of board members:
    - Mr. Pasi Aaltola,
    - Mr. Tomi Lod,
    - Ms. Henna Mäkinen,
    - Mr. Petri Niemi,
    - Mr. Olli Nokso- Koivisto,
    - Ms. Camilla Skoog and
    - Mr. Marko Somerma

  3. Mr. Petri Niemi is re-elected as chairman of the board.

  4. The remuneration of the board shall be €28,000 (last year €26,000) for each board member, who is not employed by Admicom, and €60,000 (€58,000) for the chairman of the board. For work at the audit committee, the chairman of the audit committee shall receive an additional €5,000 and other members of the audit committee shall receive an additional €2,500 each (unchanged compared to the last year)

  5. The instruction for forming a nomination committee, as adopted by the AGM 2023, shall remain unchanged.


    Motivated statement

    The fiduciary responsibility of the nomination committee is to act in the interest of all shareholders of the Company, finding an optimal board which balances current and future needs. Admicom is fast growing a Finnish digital champion, founded by the entrepreneur Matti Häll.

    The partly new board that was elected at the AGM 2023 has pursued a decisive work to implement a strategy for Admicom’s continued profitable growth. A legal structure has been adopted to comply with a modern governance structure and a partly new management team has been installed.

    The nomination committee concludes that it is important that the proposed board can continue to realise its strategy and is confident that, Admicom’s further growth is well supported.

    Continued attention has been paid to secure that the board has a composition which is characterised by a breadth of qualifications and experiences as well a fair gender balance. The proposed board consists of five men and two women, i.e. 29% women and 71% men. The nomination committee is committed to continue its efforts to further improve the gender balance.

    Jyväskylä, February 2024


    Additional information: 

    Petri Kairinen 
    +358 50 303 4275 

    Satu Helamo 
    +358 45 633 7710

    Certified Advisor:

    Oaklins Merasco Oy 
    +358 9 6129 670 


    Admicom Oyj

    Established in 2004, Admicom is a pioneer in system development and a comprehensive software and accounting services partner for small and medium-sized enterprises.

    At the core of our service package is the Admicom Ultima ERP system (formerly Adminet), which covers a wide range of solutions for managing customer companies' operations from mobile tools on the construction site to real-time financial monitoring and project management. A highly automated SaaS solution helps SMEs improve their competitiveness and profitability and saves significant time on site and in the office. We also offer our clients training, consulting and accounting services.

    Our software family also includes Ultima Lite (formerly Adminet Lite), a cost-effective software and service package for small businesses, Admicom Flex (formerly Hillava), a precision solution for mobile work management, Admicom Vision (formerly Kotopro), which offers modern solutions for higher quality documentation, and a project management unit whose range of services includes solutions for quantity and cost calculation (Estima and Estima Pro), scheduling (Tempo and Planner, formerly Tocoman Aikataulu) and BIM3 solutions for utilising building information models.

    We are constantly working to coordinate the functions of our software family in order to provide our customers with a consistent user experience between systems and eliminate

    extra work phases, enabling our customers to do more profitable business using modern software solutions.

    The continuously growing Admicommunity employs more than 270 people in its offices in Jyväskylä, Helsinki, Tampere, Oulu, Seinäjoki and Turku. More information:

    Admicom's press releases and financial reports:

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