Discussions about green transition, hydrogen economy and synthetic biology at ChemBio Finland


Programme for ChemBio Finland, the leading Nordic chemistry and bioindustry event, has been published. Topical subjects from sustainable development to tomorrow's hydrogen and synthetic biology will be on the agenda, as well as a comprehensive exhibition. ChemBio Finland 2024 will be held at the Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre on 10–11 April 2024, at the same time as the chemicals safety event Helsinki Chemicals Forum and the leading international forest industry event Pulp & Beyond. 

ChemBio Finland 2024 programme consists of Chemistry Days, programme of the Chemical Industry Federation of Finland and biotechnology seminars. The event will highlight topics such as tomorrow's hydrogen, sustainable development, synthetic biology and the digitalisation of the healthcare sector. The event is organised in cooperation with the Finnish Chemical Society, The Chemical Industry Federation of Finland and the Finnish Bioindustries FIB.

Six different seminars will explore topical issues in the biotech sector. Wednesday's seminars will focus on medicine and healthcare. Topics to be discussed include the potential of synthetic biology in drug development and the impact of personalised medicine and genetic discoveries on healthcare. Digitalisation of healthcare will be approached through development and opportunities.

Thursday's seminar Biofoundaries for bioeconomy will be divided into four sessions on sustainable development challenges and solutions, metabolic modelling, utilisation of C1 carbon sources and the potential of industrial biotechnology. The Startup and Innovation Forum will discuss safety in product innovation. Ensuring the safety of materials and products requires that safety aspects are considered as early as possible in the product development process. The event will bring together start-ups and larger industry players. On Thursday, there will also be a discussion on the employment opportunities for PhDs in companies.

"The biotech seminars provide a wide range of new perspectives on both industrial biotechnology and the potential of biotechnology for drug development and healthcare. PhD students can also participate in a panel discussing the opportunities for PhDs to find employment in the industry," says Alexandra Peth, CEO the Finnish Bioindustries FIB.

Chemistry Days 2024 will also offer a high-quality programme of topical issues that showcase the potential of chemistry in promoting sustainable development. Seminars will cover topics such as the circular economy and sustainability in the battery sector. Finland's internationally acclaimed and strong climate change research will be provided a variety of perspectives. The challenges of new food innovations in the EU, tomorrow's hydrogen and CBRN perspectives from NATO Finland will also be highlighted. Chemistry research, chemistry education and science education will also have a strong programme, as usual. On both days, Finnish Chemical Society will have progamme about everyday chemistry at the fair area's Plaza stage.

"In the planning, we have paid attention to topical issues in the chemistry sector to meet the needs of different target groups. The event itself provides a biennial meeting place for industry professionals to network, update their knowledge and explore the extensive exhibition," says Sari Vihavainen, Executive Director of the Finnish Chemical Society.

For more information: Event Communications, Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre, Anu-Eveliina Mattila, tel: +358 50 555 6183, #chembiofinland 

Photos for the media from ChemBio Finland: 
Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre is organising the leading Nordic chemistry and bioindustry event ChemBio Finland 2024 in cooperation with the Finnish Chemical Society, The Chemical Industry Federation of Finland and the Finnish Bioindustries FIB on 10-11 April 2024. At the same time, Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre will organise the international Helsinki Chemicals Forum and the new international Pulp & Beyond event on 10-11 April 2024 in cooperation with the Finnish Forest Products Engineers’ Association.




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