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Sponda’s office development in Tikkurila is 100% pre-leased ahead of end of the year completion


Sponda Ltd, one of Finland’s leading real estate asset management companies, has announced that that its 16,000 square metre new office development in Tikkurila, Vantaa at Lauri Korpisen katu 9 has been fully pre-leased, ahead of its completion at the end of the year. The building’s central location, close to Tikkurila train station, high standards of energy efficiency and the excellent local amenities,  have proved attractive to tenants looking for a high quality office building. The latest tenant to sign up is the Urban Environment Department of the City of Vantaa. 

The City of Vantaa’s Urban Environment Department leased circa 3,700 square metres and will begin to move its 480 employees into the new building from January 2025. Valmet, the building’s largest tenant, previously announced that it will relocate approximately 800 employees to Lauri Korpisen katu 9, whilst a Lidl grocery store will also be opened in the property in 2025.

“The office building at Lauri Korpinen katu 9 will solidify Tikkurila’s position as a workplace hub. I’m happy that an office building project of this kind is being implemented at such a central location in Tikkurila, by the railway line and the route of the upcoming light rail line. Of course, I’m also excited that our department’s office personnel will be able to work in these modern facilities as we currently work in several different locations. The building will support collaboration across unit boundaries whilst also providing peaceful spaces to retreat to for tasks that require concentration. Our needs have been taken into account in the design in a commendable way, even though the building had already been under construction when we made the decision to move there”, says Tero Anttila, Deputy Mayor, Urban Environment.

“Today, companies are increasingly interested in investing in sustainable and comfortable offices that are attractive to their staff. The successful leasing of our new building in Tikkurila is a clear indication of the strong demand for high quality, energy efficient, adaptable premises in central locations. I look forward to warmly welcoming the Urban Environmental Department of the City of Vantaa to their new office space”, says Christian Hohenthal, Sponda’s CEO.

Centrally located, highly sustainable business premises

The new office building will be located next to the Dixi shopping centre and the Tikkurila train station. Employees working in the building will also be able to enjoy the building’s wide range of services, such as an onsite restaurant, a large bicycle park and associated staff changing facilities, and a car park with charging points for electric cars.

The property is targeting a class A energy performance rating and a platinum-level LEED environmental certificate. Solar panels installed on the roof of the building will help to ensure the property produces renewable energy for its own use, whilst plants that support biodiversity will be planted in the yard. An environmentally friendly geothermal system will be installed to improve the building’s energy efficiency, whilst ensuring high quality indoor air is an important consideration in the building’s design. The aim is also to meet the requirements of the EU taxonomy.




About Sponda

Sponda Ltd is a leading real estate asset management company in Finland specialising in owning, managing, developing and letting commercial properties in the largest cities across the country. With a focus on customer-oriented solutions and high-quality properties, Sponda is actively developing best practice in the sector, enhancing the cityscape in a sustainable way and supporting its customers. 

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