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Yamarin launches a free mobile app for boaters, the Yamarin App, at the Helsinki International Boat Show. Among other things, the mobile app features the operating manuals for the boat and engine and an automatic log book that stores the route taken and distance covered as well as fuel consumption and weather data.

The biggest benefits of the app are available to the users of two new Yamarin models for the 2019 season, the Yamarin 88 Day Cruiser and the Yamarin 63 Bow Rider. Both of these boat models come with the Yamarin Q infotainment system as standard. This advanced system transmits data on boat position, battery voltage and remaining fuel to the user’s mobile device. The Yamarin Q’s large and easy-to-use touchscreen combines electronic charts, an on-board computer and an infotainment system as part of a motor boat’s basic set-up.

The log book in the mobile app uses the phone’s positioning system and therefore is also able to work independently of the boat’s Q system. The log book’s travel details and images can also be shared to friends directly from the app. In boats fitted with the Yamarin Q, the log book synchronises the position data stored by the infotainment system to the app via a cloud service.

“The Q system and the mobile app bring a new level of comfort to boating. Both of them are also constantly developed based on user feedback,” says Anders Kurtén, Product Development Director for Yamarin.

The app can also be used for extending the Yamarin Q subscription, following the expiry of the initial subscription included in the price of a new boat. A subscription ensures that the pan-European data plan and the services work properly and that the system always has access to the newest updates. Additionally, access to the data plan can be shared to the crew via a Wi-Fi connection.

The Yamarin mobile app is available free of charge both for Apple devices at the App Store and for Android devices on Google Play.

Yamarin Q

The Yamarin Q is a system combining an on-board computer and an infotainment system. It has been developed in Finland, and it runs on Linux. For boat users, it comes across as a large touch screen. The Yamarin Q brings together navigational charts and electronic navigation as well as the boat’s entire instrument panel, operating manuals, instructional videos, weather forecasts, radio functionalities and an internet connection. The Yamarin Q also gives the user advance notifications of Yamaha outboards’ pending service needs.

The Yamarin Q smart display can be complemented with numerous accessories, including a sonar, high-precision fishfinder, AIS (Automatic Identification System), high-quality sound system and pulse compression radar. In boats featuring AIS, the Yamarin Q’s AIS Collision Detection gives a pop-up warning on any vessels on collision course featuring an AIS transmitter.

The selection of accessories compatible with the Yamarin Q also includes Wallas boat heaters. Being compatible with the NMEA 2000 communications standard, the Yamarin Q communicates flawlessly with marine electronics from other manufacturers.

In addition to the touch screen, the Yamarin Q panel can also be used with the remote controller available as an optional accessory. The remote controller can be docked to the boat's steering wheel or mounted on a suitable cockpit surface. The remote controller has six buttons, and their functions change according to the function selected on the Yamarin Q smart display.





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