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Advance votes cast abroad in parliamentary elections total 42,198

A total of 42,198 eligible voters cast their vote in advance at Finland’s missions and offices abroad in this year’s parliamentary elections.

The number of advance voters grew by 1,284 (3.1 per cent) compared to the 2019 parliamentary elections, when 40,914 advance votes were cast abroad. This year, advance voting was possible at 217 polling stations in 87 countries.

In addition, crew members on Finnish ships had the opportunity to vote in advance on board. Over 180 crewmembers on 55 ships cast their vote in advance. Advance voting was also arranged at the bases of the Finnish Crisis Management Force in Iraq and Lebanon.

According to the Population Register Centre, approximately 263,500 persons with a permanent residence abroad were eligible to vote in this year’s elections. In addition, eligible voters staying abroad on a temporary basis had the right to vote at Finland’s missions.

As usual, the voter turnout was the highest in Sweden, where 10,179 votes were cast in advance. The voter turnout was the second highest in Spain with 7,839 votes, followed by the UK with 2,220 votes, Germany with 1,953 votes and the United States with 2,078 votes.

Stockholm was the busiest advance polling station with 4,136 votes, closely followed by Fuengirola with 4,063 votes. Torrevieja came third with 1,563 votes.

Eligible voters permanently or temporarily residing abroad or staying abroad may also vote by post. The number of postal votes cast is not yet available. The Ministry of Justice is responsible for organising the postal voting.


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