CIVIS Media Prize 2022 | eight programmes honoured – documentary receives TOP AWARD


03.06.2022 – Cologne (ots) | The winners of the European CIVIS Media Prize for Integration and Cultural Diversity 2022 have been announced: The main prize of 15,000 euros, the CIVIS TOP AWARD, goes to the documentary film Schwarze Adler (Black Eagles) (Amazon Prime Video | BROADVIEW | ZDF), by author and director Torsten Körner. The film tells the story of social prejudice and hostility against black footballers. It is also the winner of the CIVIS VIDEO AWARD in the information category. The jury of the CIVIS Media Prize praised Torsten Körner´s documentary as “emotionally moving, journalistically and artistically to the point - the plight of these eagles in the German national jersey gets under your skin."

The VIDEO AWARD in the entertainment category goes to Paul Mommertz und Magnus Vattrodt, authors of The Wannsee Conference (ZDF | Constantin Television).

Fitore Muzaqi, Henrik Schütz and Stefanie Vollmann come top in the VIDEO AWARD/Social Media Formats category with My scar: Martin was a prisoner in a Syrian torture prison (WDR COSMO| bildband Film & Fernsehproduktion).

The CIVIS AUDIO AWARD in the long programme category goes to Sebastian Friedrich for The last day. The assassination attempt in Hanau (Deutschlandradio | Deutschlandfunk Kultur | WDR | NDR).

The competition in the short programme category is won by Alexander Moritz with Information in the morning: Saxony government coalition at loggerheads over deportation of well-integrated Georgian families (Deutschlandradio | Deutschlandfunk).

The CIVIS AUDIO AWARD Podcast was decided by public voting and goes to authors Fabian Grieger and Jonas Seufert, forTwo-Thirds FM – Season 1 Is there friendship in prison?Episode 4.

Anna-Sophia Richard wins the YOUNG C. AWARD for LOS CUATRO VIENTOS (THE FOUR WINDS) (Giganten Film Produktions GmbH | SWR | Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg).

Winners of the CIVIS CINEMA AWARD, picked also by public voting, are director Sönke Wortmann and producers Christoph Müller and Tom Spieß for their film Contra (Constantin Film Produktion | SevenPictures Film).

Europe’s most prestigious media prize for integration and cultural diversity will be awarded during a TV broadcast. The programme will be available in the ARD Mediathek from Sunday, 5 June, and ARD/Das Erste will broadcast the awards ceremony at 11:35 PM on Monday, 6 June.

Anna Dushime will host the award ceremony. Laudators include former German President Joachim Gauck, actors Melika Foroutan, Bjarne Mädel, Mariele Millowitsch and Tyron Ricketts, choreographer and author Nikeata Thompson, presenter Esther Sedlaczek, author and activist Gianni Jovanovic. Their speeches will be streamed during the ceremony.

The same applies to contributions from partners of the CIVIS Media Foundation, whose activities include the organisation of the CIVIS Media Prize: Tom Buhrow, Chairman of the CIVIS Board of Trustees and WDR Director-General, Andreas Freudenberg, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Freudenberg Foundation, Reem Alabali-Radovan, Federal Government Commissioner for Migration, Refugees and Integration and the Federal Government Commissioner for Anti-Racism, Directors-General Peter Limbourg (Deutsche Welle) and Stefan Raue (Deutschlandradio), Directors-General Roland Weißmann (ORF) and Gilles Marchand (SRG SSR), Minu Barati-Fischer (Produzentenallianz) and Christiane von Websky (Stiftung Mercator).

Almost 800 programmes from 20 EU countries and Switzerland competed for the CIVIS Media Prize. CIVIS is Europe's most important media prize for integration and cultural diversity. It has been awarded in various categories since 1988. The CIVIS Media Prize is under the patronage of the European Parliament.

European CIVIS Awards 2022 – categories:

Schwarze Adler (Black Eagles) | Torsten Körner (Amazon Prime Video | BROADVIEW | ZDF)

CIVIS VIDEO AWARD | Entertainment
The Wannsee Conference | Paul Mommertz, Magnus Vattrodt (Constantin Television | ZDF)

CIVIS VIDEO AWARD | Social Media Format
My scar: Martin was a prisoner in a Syrian torture prison | Fitore Muzaqi, Henrik Schütz, Stefanie Vollmann (WDR COSMO | bildband Film & Fernsehproduktion)

CIVIS AUDIO AWARD | Short Programmes
Information in the morning: Saxony government coalition at loggerheads over deportation of well-integrated Georgian families | Alexander Moritz (Deutschlandradio | Deutschlandfunk)

CIVIS AUDIO AWARD | Long Programmes
The last day. The assassinationattempt in Hanau | Sebastian Friedrich
(Deutschlandradio | Deutschlandfunk Kultur | WDR | NDR)

Two-Thirds FM – Season 1 Is there friendship in prison? Episode 4 | Fabian Grieger,
Jonas Seufert (Zweidrittel FM | JSA Berlin)

(Giganten Film Produktions GmbH | SWR | Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg)

Contra | Sönke Wortmann, Christoph Müller, Tom Spieß
(Constantin Film Produktion, SevenPictures Film)

Schwarze Adler (Black Eagles) | Torsten Körner (Amazon Prime Video | BROADVIEW | ZDF)

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