Digitalization and circular economy form the core of the FinnBuild program


The program of largest professional event within construction and building technology, FinnBuild, has been published. It highlights especially digitalization, circular economy and timber building. FinnBuild will be organized at Messukeskus, in Helsinki 7-9 October 2020.

The program for FinnBuild, organized in mid-October, presents digital and circular economy solutions within the construction industry, not forgetting timber building. In addition to an abundant expert program, the three-day event presents the newest products and services, working methods and solutions within construction and building technology.

Digital solutions support circular economy and efficient building

One of the basic reasons for inefficient building is poor perception of the overall picture of the project. Assistant professor Olli Seppänen of Aalto University explains in his speech the leap in construction productivity made possible by digital tools. Today images taken from cranes as well as drones can be used to visualize the situation; indoors, indoor positioning technology, 360-camera walks and numerous different mobile applications. Sitowise Oy’s Smart City Service Manager Jarkko Männistö presents how game technology bends to use in the construction industry and what opportunities digital twins create for managing the built environment. Aalto University’s HVAC Technology Professor of Practice Markku J. Virtanen and professor Risto Kosonen in turn present the new Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) and how it is suitable for assessing Finnish buildings. The case study explains what SRI is and how it works in practice.

The built environment produces about 40% of greenhouse emissions. Therefore, it is important that circular economy is strongly involved in modern construction. The VAPAA collective is a consortium of three architects who write about the intersections of architecture, urban planning and climate change during the climate crisis. The next direction chosen by the construction industry will determine what kind of world we will live in in the future. Architects Meri Wiikinkoski, Iines Karkulahti and Charlotte Nyholm share the views of the VAPAA collective.

Matti Kuittinen, Professor of Resource Efficient Construction, talks about data-model based design especially from the circular economy perspective. In order to be able to make the transition to circular economy also within construction, the opportunities brought by data models and digital product information must be used effectively. Kuittinen’s research projects have focused in particular on life cycle assessment of buildings, carbon footprint calculation and circular economy and ecosystem services.

Timber building – fast and recyclable building

In his speech, Mikko Viljakainen, Managing Director of Puuinfo Oy, opens up the possibilities of using timber in public construction and at the same time introduces the ePuu service. It can be used to outline how timber construction projects differ from other construction, and how the service can be used to find out, among other things, the fire regulations for the different timber structures and the project in question.

In his own speech, Metsä Wood’s Development Director Mikko Saavalainen will present a Finnish timber construction project, Tokyo 2021 Metsä Pavilion, which will be built from Finnish timber elements in the area of the Finnish Embassy in Tokyo. As a building material, timber is ecological and a pavilion built of elements can be dismantled and reassembled elsewhere when the requirements for use changes.

FinnBuild’s program also includes The Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT’s 100th anniversary seminar and the Infrapolitical afternoon for infrastructure decision makers. The event will even include the FinnBuild Highlights winner and the Construction Site of the Year Award.

The full program of the event can be found online at

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A major event in construction and building services, FinnBuild, is held every two years. In 2018, the event was visited by 25,300 visitors.

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