DNA begins selling 5G subscriptions


DNA begins selling 5G subscriptions to private and corporate customers. In early 2020, DNA’s 5G network will be available in over 20 locales.

DNA begins selling 5G subscriptions
DNA begins selling 5G subscriptions

DNA makes 5G subscriptions for sale to its private and corporate customers from this day onwards. DNA’s 5G subscription offering comprises phone and broadband subscriptions.

The more affordable subscriptions with a maximum speed of 400 Mbps and the 1000 Mbps subscriptions intended for heavy use are introduced in both product categories for private customers. All subscriptions have unlimited data and EU data packages. The phone subscriptions also have unlimited calls and messages.

DNA’s new 5G subscriptions for private customers: 

Intended use 




DNA Unlimited 5G 1000M 


DNA Unlimited 5G 400M 

€34.90/month/12 months (norm. €36.90/month)


DNA Mobile 5G 1000M 


DNA Mobile 5G 400M 

€31.90/month/12 months (norm. €34.90/month) 

* The subscriptions are not fixed-term subscriptions.

For corporate customers, DNA introduces four 5G subscriptions for sale. The DNA Business Unlimited subscriptions intended for mobile phone users at speeds of 600 Mbps and 1000 Mbps, and the DNA Corporate Mobile Broadband subscriptions for broadband use at speeds of 600 Mbps and 1000 Mbps. All corporate 5G subscriptions include unlimited data usage in Finland, the Nordic countries and the Baltics as well as EU data packages.

The subscriptions are available through all DNA sales channels. In connection with the launch of the subscriptions, DNA introduces a 5G broadband router, the Kotimokkula 5G WiFi H112 suitable for both domestic and business use. The 5G device offering will be expanded over the spring.

- With the help of 5G subscriptions, our customers will be able to enjoy the higher 5G speeds and lower latencies. The benefits of 5G will become more evident as customers use increasingly rich content, higher resolution videos and services such as online gaming, where low latency is critical, comments Pekka Väisänen, Senior Vice President, Consumer Business at DNA.

- Today, the offering of high-quality 5G terminal devices is still limited, and the second-generation 5G smartphones are only just beginning to be launched. Several interesting models will be published during the annual mobile industry exhibition in Barcelona in the end of February. We will begin selling them immediately when the device manufacturers are able to supply them, Pekka Väisänen continues.

DNA’s 5G network to grow significantly this year  

DNA’s 5G services are currently available in Helsinki, Vantaa, Tampere, Turku and Hyvinkää.

The construction of the 5G network in the aforementioned areas continues, and DNA is expanding its 5G network rapidly to new locales, as the mobile network has been prepared for the 5G era for a long time, now. Early in the year, DNA’s 5G network will expand to Espoo, Oulu, Jyväskylä, Lahti, Kuopio, Vaasa, Hämeenlinna, Seinäjoki, Rauma, Pori, Raisio, Heinola, Nokia, Pirkkala, Ylöjärvi, Lempäälä, Sipoo, Rusko and Lieto.

The DNA Home 5G service is already available 

In December 2019, DNA started selling the DNA Home 5G service. DNA Home 5G enables speed-guaranteed superfast broadband particularly for detached homes, where a fibre-optic connection is not available or would be very expensive to build. Initially, the service is available in the Helsinki Metropolitan Region, Tampere and Turku. During this year, the availability will extend to other regions as DNA’s 5G network expands. 

The DNA Home 5G service is very competitively priced. The speed-guaranteed 5G subscription is priced from €39.90 / month, and the deployment service which can be claimed in full as a tax credit for household expenses totals €495.

A corresponding service will also be made available to DNA’s corporate customers in early 2020 to expand the availability of super-fast access point connections. The IoT services, NB-IoT and LTE-M of the 5G standard are already available to corporate customers. 

Further information for the media: 

Pekka Väisänen, Senior Vice President, Consumer Business, DNA Plc, tel. +358 44 0400 168, pekka.vaisanen@dna.fi   

DNA Corporate Communications, tel. +358 44 044 8000, viestinta@dna.fi 

www.dna.fi/5G (in Finnish)


DNA begins selling 5G subscriptions
DNA begins selling 5G subscriptions
DNA begins selling 5G subscriptions
DNA begins selling 5G subscriptions


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