DNA Secure SD-WAN brings corporate network security and management to a new level


The new DNA Secure SD-WAN service offers a more comprehensive and secure method for connecting branch sites in Finland and globally. As a step above standard SD-WAN solutions, the service by DNA includes an advanced integrated data security solution.

DNA Secure SD-WAN includes integrated data security and a centralised management solution.
DNA Secure SD-WAN includes integrated data security and a centralised management solution.

DNA Secure SD-WAN connects business sites to a unified and secure corporate network. The service includes integrated data security and a centralised management solution that enables easy management and maintenance of the entire service.  

“Digitalisation and the growth of cloud services have rapidly increased the demand for SD-WAN solutions. Typical issues with first generation solutions have been siloed data security and poor network manageability. DNA Secure SD-WAN offers a new level of security and usability,” says Tuukka Toivonen, responsible for corporate products and services at DNA.

DNA Secure SD-WAN is an all-in-one service based on Fortinet technology.

“A good SD-WAN solution includes automatically updated data security that covers the entire corporate network and all its devices. When purchasing security services separately, it is easy for essential elements to go unnoticed. Good solutions also make network management easy for the customer. At Fortinet, we provide highly efficient technology and have strong experience  meeting demanding customer needs. It is great to see our product as an important part of the DNA Secure SD-WAN service,” says Jukka Piirainen, Country Manager at Fortinet Finland.

DNA is Fortinet MSSP Platinum Partner in Finland

A demonstration of the strong collaboration between DNA and Fortinet is the Platinum Partner status achieved by DNA as a Fortinet Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP). Platinum-level partnerships require demanding certifications from several experts, and the status granted to DNA is one of its kind in Finland.

SD-WAN (Software-defined Wide Area Network) means a solution in which networking hardware and its control mechanism are separate. In the DNA Secure SD-WAN service, network device and network data security management is implemented centrally with a single solution and deployment of new sites and devices has been automated. The service can be delivered globally, either with on site hardware or as a service in public cloud and it is compatible with any network connections used by the customer.

Further information for the media:

Tuukka Toivonen, VP, Business Management and Strategy, Corporate Business, DNA Plc, tel. +358 44 044 3333, tuukka.toivonen@dna.fi

Jukka Piirainen, Country Manager, Fortinet Finland Oy, tel. +358 50 395 2081, jpiirainen@fortinet.com

DNA Corporate Communications, tel. +358 44 044 8000, communications@dna.fi 


DNA Secure SD-WAN includes integrated data security and a centralised management solution.
DNA Secure SD-WAN includes integrated data security and a centralised management solution.


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