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EMMA's autumn opens with strong contemporary artists: Outi Pieski, Alicja Kwade and Kate McIntosh


EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art opens its autumn season with a lineup of leading contemporary artists: Outi Pieski, Alicja Kwade and Kate McIntosh. Curated picks from the EMMA collection will simultenously feature in a series of changing temporary exhibitions. The 50th anniversary of the iconic Futuro House will culminate at the Wegee Exhibition Centre with the public debut of Plastic Heart, a sound installation by Mika Taanila opening on Friday, 17.8.2018.

Outi Pieski: Čuolmmadit
12th Sept 2018 – 6th Jan 2019 
The autumn season opens with Čuolmmadit , an exhibition by contemporary artist Outi Pieski (b. 1973). It is the artist’s first extensive solo exhibition. The exhibition title Čuolmmaditmeanins “to tie many knots” in the Northern Sámi language. The title refers to a monumental textile installation of hand-woven knots which will feature in the exhibition alongside paintings and photographs.  A vocal advocate of indigenous rights, Pieski comments on themes related to Sámi culture, borrowing colours, shapes and techniques from traditional Sámi handicrafts, fused with references to northern landscapes. This solo exhibition celebrates her Fine Arts Academy of Finland Award of 2017. 

Alicja Kwade 
10th Oct 2018–28th Apr 2019 
Alicja Kwade (b. 1979, Poland) is a Polish contemporary artist who has recently achieved acclaim in international art biennials. Her Finnish debut at EMMA marks the kick-off of a new form of collaboration between EMMA and the Saastamoisen Foundation. Each year, a new work will be commissioned from a leading contemporary artist, and a solo exhibition will be held at EMMA in conjunction with the commission. 

Kwade’s sculpturesque exhibition was tailor-made to engage in a dialogue with the unique architecture of the museum building. Kwade’s art addresses the themes of time, matter and space, challenging our perceptions and understanding of the nature of reality. 

Kate McIntosh: Worktable  
14th–25th Nov 2018  
We provide the hammer – you do the rest. Unleash your creativity on the Worktable! New Zealand-born Kate McIntosh (b. 1974) is a Brussels-based artist whose work transcends the boundaries of performance, theatre, video, and installation. In recent years she has taken a special interest in disused objects and their potential second lives.Worktable (2011) is a live installation of various rooms that visitors can explore one by one over a period of two weeks.  Once inside, you are given instructions, equipment and safety goggles: it’s up to you to do the rest. 

Mika Taanila: Plastic Heart 
17th Aug–16th Sept 2018  
To mark the 50th anniversary of the Futuro house, artist and filmmaker Mika Taanila was invited to create a new artwork to feature inside the Futuro. The sound installation Plastic Heart uses industrial noise recorded during the processing of fibre-reinforced plastic, the material from which the Futuro is made.  Plastic Heart transforms the oval-shaped interior into an echo chamber, immersing the visitor in the musical “birth story” of the Futuro. The jubilee artwork was produced as a collaborative project between Exhibition Centre WeeGee and EMMA. It is part of the Helsinki Festival programme.

No Ordinary Moments 
Until 6th Jan 2019 
Curated from recent acquisitions and earlier works from the EMMA Collection, this exhibition highlights the enigmatic side of everyday reality and surrealist undercurrents in contemporary art. The uncanny fantasy worlds portrayed in this exhibition step beyond the bounds of reality, inviting us on a journey into the intriguing world of the subconscious mind. The featured artists include Malin Ahlsved, Ernst Billgren, Saara Ekström, Anna Estarriola, Oscar Furbacken, Jeppe Hein, Juhana Moisander & Simo Ripatti, Maria Rubinke, Miikka Vaskola and Nabb + Teeri.  

Futuromania – Designing Future Living 
Until 17th Feb 2019 
Throughout history, the future has been a topic of enduring fascination for architects, planners, designers and artists. Futuromania presents a selection of utopian visions of future living dreamed up by leading Finnish artists from the 1950s and 1960s, including Kaija Aarikka, Aarne Ervi, Matti Suuronen, Armi Ratia, Aarno Ruusuvuori and Tapio Wirkkala. Complementing these futuristic utopias is a new participatory installation by Aamu Song and Johan Olin (COMPANY). The exhibition is a part of the 50th anniversary celebrations of the Futuro house at Exhibition Centre WeeGee. 

Touch – The Saastamoinen Foundation Art Collection Exhibition
With the overarching theme of humanity at its core, Touch presents a diverse selection of contemporary art across mediums ranging from drawings and installations to media art. This permanent show at EMMA presents curated picks from one of Finland’s leading art collections, featuring both Finnish and international contemporary art. The most recent additions include works byGrönlund-Nisunen, Jussi Goman, Henna-Riikka Halonen and Emma Helle & Iina Terho.  In September Jacob Dahlgren’s installation Scales will be displayed. The frequently updated exhibition celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Saastamoinen Foundation.

Bryk & Wirkkala: Visible Storage   
The visible storage provides a glimpse into the archives of two leading names in Finnish design history, Rut Bryk(1916–1999) and Tapio Wirkkala(1915–1985). As home to the Tapio Wirkkala Rut Bryk Foundation Collection, EMMA permanently presents sketches, drawings, photographs and scale models alongside an extensive pick of finished works by both artists. Highlights include rare models by Wirkkala that never went into production. The visible storage offers an new kind of glimpse into the collection, giving viewers the chance to explore and make discoveries. It also provides a sneak peek into conservation practices and art photography as well as other behind-the-scenes work done by museum professionals. 
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EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art showcases Finnish and international modernism, contemporary art, and design. EMMA's exhibition spaces – the largest in Finland – are housed in a striking building which is a modernist landmark of industrial architecture designed by Professor Aarno Ruusuvuori. EMMA is based in the Exhibition Centre Weegee in Tapiola district, Espoo. The clean-lined modern architecture enhances the experiential dimension of the displays, which include changing exhibitions and the permanent collections of EMMA, the Saastamoinen Foundation and the Tapio Wirkkala Rut Bryk Foundation. 

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