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Espoo coming together to celebrate the last weekend of summer – Espoo Day offers a wide range of opportunities for celebration at home and locally


Espoo Day will be celebrated on Saturday 28 August 2021 in numerous ways both around the city and at homes. This year’s theme, the circular economy, is reflected in the event programme in the form of various second-hand markets, reuse workshops and the testing of more sustainable modes of transport.

Photo: Robert Sjöblom / Espoo Day
Photo: Robert Sjöblom / Espoo Day

Espoo Day also encourages bicycling with planned cycling routes and cycling events. Participants are free to compile their own programme for a trip across Espoo out of a wide range of smaller events held around the city. Why not spend Espoo Day and explore the city with a focus on history, sports, the arts or baking, for example? Baking 19th century Danish pastries for an outdoor picnic is the perfect way to celebrate Espoo Day and the joyful summer life of the city, which is renowned for its manor houses. Alternatively, you can participate in the celebrations from the comfort of your own sofa by making use of the digital services offered by Urban Espoo.

Espoo Day events emphasise health security

Espoo Day is being organised in collaboration with a wide range of Espoo-based operators, with individual events held by various organisations, companies and private individuals. All of the event organisers taking part in the programme have been instructed on how to organise events safely. The events are subject to current restrictions issued by the authorities, and participants are urged to wear face masks at both indoor and outdoor events.

“Espoo Day is a city-wide celebration. Participants are urged to follow all the instructions provided by event organisers. The event organisers have been instructed on how to organise their events in a way that will allow the public to celebrate Espoo Day safely. We want Espoo Day to be first and foremost an opportunity for all residents of Espoo to celebrate their home city, whether through events, at home or at their local park,” says Event Coordinator Elina Tamminen.

Event programme:

Health security instructions for participants (in Finnish):

Celebrate Espoo Day with friends and family or locally:

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For more information on Espoo Day, please contact:

Elina Tamminen
Event Coordinator, Espoo Day
+358 40 506 6127

Lea Rintala
Event and Culture Manager
+358 46 877 1952


Photo: Robert Sjöblom / Espoo Day
Photo: Robert Sjöblom / Espoo Day


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