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European countries assess the fire protection of nuclear facilities – comments are requested on the evaluation plan


The European Nuclear Safety Regulators Group (ENSREG) has decided that countries will jointly carry out a peer review of the fire protection of nuclear facilities in the EU countries. All EU citizens and stakeholders have the opportunity to comment on the evaluation plan.

The Nuclear Safety Directive requires a peer review of the safety of nuclear facilities every six years. The European Nuclear Safety Regulators Group (ENSREG) has decided that the subject of this peer review will be the fire protection of nuclear facilities, in other words, preparing for the event of a fire at a nuclear facility.

The plan for the peer review implementation and the related stakeholder consultation plan have now been published on the ENSREG website. The plan can be commented until 27 May 2022.

In Finland, the peer review will concern the Olkiluoto and Loviisa nuclear power plants and the spent fuel intermediate storage facility at the Olkiluoto site.

A nuclear facility refers not only to nuclear power plants, but also to enrichment plants, nuclear fuel fabrication plants, reprocessing plants, research reactors, spent fuel storage facilities and radioactive waste storage facilities.

Commenting on the internet

The evaluation plan is available for comments on the ENSREG website until 27 May: TPR 2 public engagement | ENSREG The survey is in English.

ENSREG, The European Nuclear Safety Regulators Group is an independent, expert advisory group created by the EU Member States' nuclear safety authorities. The decision to establish the group was made by the European Council in 2007. STUK has participated actively in the activities of ENSREG since ENSREG’s inception.

Further information on the peer review process (see attachments):

  1. What is a peer review?
  2. First topical peer review on ageing management
  3. Second topical peer review on fire protection



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