Fingrid concludes first solar power plant connection agreement with Skarta Energy – Utajärvi project moves forward

Kari Tuominen, Skarta Energy Oy and Onni Härmä Fingrid Oyj.
Kari Tuominen, Skarta Energy Oy and Onni Härmä Fingrid Oyj.

Utajärven Solarpark Oy, a company owned by Skarta Energy, and Fingrid Oyj have signed a connection agreement for the Utanen substation, which will make it possible for the electrical installations connected to the Tunturisuo solar farm to be connected to Fingrid’s main grid.


The planned solar power plant in Tunturisuo is part of Skarta Energy and Utajärvi’s overall project. The power of the planned solar power plant will be approximately 80 megawatts. The overall project also includes a wind farm and, in the near future, a hydrogen energy production, storage and distribution station. After completion, the entire project will produce approximately 200,000 megawatt-hours of electricity, which corresponds to the consumption needs of an average of 40,000 people. The figure is significant in a municipality of approximately 2,600 inhabitants.

“This agreement is a great demonstration of how timely planning implemented by expert professionals can be completed on schedule, while the limited nature of prevailing grid resources poses a true challenge for operators in the field. With this connection agreement, we also ensured that the solar power plant project in Utajärvi will move forward, and we are closer to building Finland’s largest Near Energy® project. Together with wind power projects, this agreement will strengthen the municipality’s energy self-sufficiency far into the future,” says Kari Tuominen, Managing Director of Skarta Energy.

“We want to facilitate the success of businesses in Utajärvi. The benefits of Near Energy will provide a big advantage to the competitiveness of businesses in the future. The project has already stirred a huge amount of interest in locating new businesses in Utajärvi. This agreement will improve and strengthen the competitiveness of the current and new businesses in the area. We welcome all businesses, both big and small, to Utajärvi. The location is optimal, near Oulu and with good transport connections,” says Vuokko Paso, Managing Director of Utajärven Yrityspuisto Oy.

The agreement is unique for Fingrid as well. The newly concluded connection agreement is the first of its kind made for a solar power plant project.

“A lot of wind power is being built in Finland right now. We’ve been waiting to see when that same threshold will be crossed in solar power. It is anticipated that the construction solar power plants will pick up speed. First, there will be individual projects and, later, larger ones. It is vital for us grid companies to figure out how both wind and solar power can be fitted into the grid in the future. That is why this Utajärvi project is of particular interest to us. The plan is to build both wind and solar power in Utajärvi. What also makes the Utajärvi project interesting is that it aims to bring consumption and production closer together, which makes grid and storage challenges easier to solve,” says Onni Härmä, Customer Manager at Fingrid Oyj.




Kari Tuominen, Skarta Energy Oy and Onni Härmä Fingrid Oyj.
Kari Tuominen, Skarta Energy Oy and Onni Härmä Fingrid Oyj.


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