Global Gurus will be speaking at Finland’s largest industry event, Manufacturing Performance Days, MPD, in Tampere in June 2019 – Superstar Speakers come from Germany and Japan


Internationally recognized names, Professor Hermann Simon, viewed as Germany’s most influential management expert, and Doctor Kazuo Yano, an AI pioneer from Japan, will be Key Note Speakers at MPD 2019 at Tampere’s Tähtiareena from June 4 to June 6th, 2019. Ecosystem economy, as the theme for Finland’s largest industry event, is particularly current.

Doctor Kazuo Yano is known for both his groundbreaking AI work and as top expert in happiness research, making it possible to measure happiness digitally. Photo: Hitachi.
Doctor Kazuo Yano is known for both his groundbreaking AI work and as top expert in happiness research, making it possible to measure happiness digitally. Photo: Hitachi.

Press Release 21.12.2018

”This MPD will be even more international than its predecessors. Already last time in 2017, the MPD attracted key industry players from almost 30 countries. I strongly believe that these top global speakers will increase global interest even further”, estimates Tomas Hedenborg, the Chair of the MPD organizing committee and the President of Orgalime, the European engineering industries association.

Hermann Simon is the most influential management thinker in Europe 

Simon is a globally recognized German economist and businessman, and a guru on strategy, marketing and pricing. He has been voted in German language countries as the most influential living management thinker.

Simon is Honorary Chairman and Founder of Simon-Kucher & Partners which has been ranked by Germany’s most prestigious business magazine as the leading consultancy in Marketing & Sales. Simon-Kucher & Partners operates in 25 countries. Simon has published several worldwide bestseller books and over 35 books which have been translated to 27 languages. A good example of his global recognition is the business school in China which has been named after him.

Simon has worked as a professor at Germany’s Mainz and Bielefeld as well as at several other prestigious universities around the world including U.S. universities Harvard, Stanford and MIT. Simon has received numerous international awards.

Simon coined the term ‘Hidden Champions’ almost 30 years ago. According to his findings, the economic success of Germany is not based only on large companies, but on medium-sized world-class companies, especially the Hidden Champions which are, according to Simon, the spearhead of the German economy.

In the past years Simon has written significantly about the effects of digitalization on his favorite topics, i.e. ‘pricing’ and ‘hidden champions’. All of these topics will be discussed at the MPD 2019.

Kazuo Yano is a top name in AI and digital happiness

Kazuo Yano is a Japanese AI Guru who used “big data” in his work long before the term was coined and became ubiquitous. Yano works as a Fellow, Corporate Officer and Corporate Chief Scientist at Hitachi and is known for his pioneering works in semiconductor field. In his work he utilizes the measurement and analysis of social big data, especially with the usage of wearable sensors. He is also a top name in digital happiness research.

Dr. Yano has been working for 15 years in multi-purpose Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems which have been applied to over 60 cases in 14 industry domains. He has applied for over 350 patents and his papers are cited by academic papers all over the world. Kazuo Yano received his PhD degree from Japan’s Waseda University, and he has received numerous international awards.

The MPD 2019 offers participants a unique opportunity to enjoy Dr. Yano’s exceptionally comprehensive AI experience and his personal views on AI challenges, opportunities and impacts in industry and the society. This will be one of his rare visits to Europe.

Ecosystem Economy is a super interesting theme

The business opportunities created by digitalization rely heavily on ecosystems. This makes MPD 2019 even more interesting.

”MPD 2019 also attracts global interest because the significance of ecosystems is increasing all around the world. Additionally, Finland is a highly attractive location because we have strong ecosystem expertise and strong ecosystems”, emphasizes Hedenborg.

MPD is organized by DIMECC Ltd, Finland’s leading ecosystem for digitilazing manufacturing industries. Read more:

More information:

Tomas Hedenborg, Chair, MPD Organisation Committee, +358 50 310 1999,

Reijo Tuokko, MPD Programme Chair, +358 45 248 1167,

Harri Kulmala, CEO, DIMECC Ltd, +358 40 840 6380,



Doctor Kazuo Yano is known for both his groundbreaking AI work and as top expert in happiness research, making it possible to measure happiness digitally. Photo: Hitachi.
Doctor Kazuo Yano is known for both his groundbreaking AI work and as top expert in happiness research, making it possible to measure happiness digitally. Photo: Hitachi.

Tietoja julkaisijasta


Manufacturing Performance Days (MPD) on kansainvälinen huipputason B2B-tapahtuma, joka kokoaa yhteen liki tuhat digitaalisen ja valmistavan teollisuuden vaikuttajaa Suomesta ja ulkomailta. MPD 2019 järjestetään 4.-6.2019 Tähtiareenalla Tampereella.

Manufacturing Performance Days (MPD) is an international top level B2B summit bringing together nearly thousand influencers of manufacturing and digitalizing industry from Finland and abroad. MPD 2019 is organized on June 4-6 2019 at Tähtiareena in Tampere, Finland.

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Lue lisää julkaisijalta MPD

PRESS INVITATION: A Record Year for the MPD Event in Tampere – More Participants, More Partners and More up-to-date Industry News than Ever Before24.5.2019 14:32:53 EESTKutsu

Top Finnish and European industry influencers gather at Finland’s most significant industry event, MPD, at Tampere’s TähtiAreena from June 4th to June 6th. The MPD is bigger, more impressive and more interesting than ever before. The MPD has also reached its own record high number of participants: almost 1000 top representatives of the digitalizing industry, from 23 countries, will arrive in Tampere. The main theme of this super timely event is ecosystem economy.

MEDIAKUTSU: MPD-tapahtuma ennätysmoodissa Tampereella – enemmän osallistujia, kumppaneita ja huippuajankohtaista teollisuusasiaa kuin ikinä ennen24.5.2019 14:00:00 EESTKutsu

Suomen tärkein teollisuustapahtuma MPD kokoaa Tampereen TähtiAreenalle Suomen ja eurooppalaisen teollisuuden huiput 4.-6. kesäkuuta. MPD on näyttävämpi, suurempi ja kiinnostavampi kuin kertaakaan aiemmin. MPD lyö myös oman osallistumisennätyksensä: Tampereelle saapuu liki 1000 digitalisoituvan teollisuuden huippuvaikuttajaa 23 eri maasta. Pääteemana huippuajankohtaisessa tapahtumassa on ekosysteemitalous.

”Kirjoistakin on iloa vain, jos osaa lukea” – Data luo menestyksen vain, jos se osataan hyödyntää, lataa teollisuuden ohjelmistotalo Wapice10.5.2019 11:30:00 EESTTiedote

Dataa syntyy digitalisoituvassa teollisuudessa jatkuvasti kiihtyvää tahtia. Vaasalainen Wapice Oy on eturintamassa tarjoamassa älykkäitä ratkaisuja siihen, miten data saadaan muunnettua helposti ymmärrettäväksi ja hyödynnettäväksi menestyksen raaka-aineeksi. Suomen suurimman teollisuustapahtuman MPD:n strateginen kumppani Wapice on monesti palkittu 20-vuotias menestystarina.

Fresh Top Leaders Mari Walls and Leena Vainiomäki bring New Perspectives to Finland’s Most Significant Industrial Event MPD – Tampere University and Danske are also Innovators19.2.2019 17:16:56 EETTiedote

Top Finnish and European industry influencers will hear a load of forceful visions in June. Two new top leaders will share their views on the importance of innovation in the MPD event. The President and CEO of the newly merged Tampere University, Mari Walls, as well as the Country Head of Danske Bank Finland, Leena Vainiomäki, are both experienced leaders but their new top positions offer them opportunities for exceptionally broad influencing.

Tuoreet huippujohtajat Mari Walls ja Leena Vainiomäki tuovat uusia näkökulmia Suomen suurimpaan ja tärkeimpään teollisuustapahtumaan – Tampereen yliopisto ja Danske ovat myös innovaattoreita19.2.2019 10:43:01 EETTiedote

Suomalaisen ja eurooppalaisen teollisuuden huippuvaikuttajat saavat kesäkuussa täyslaidallisen kiintoisia visioita. Kaksi tuoretta huippujohtajaa maalaa MPD-tapahtumassa näkemyksensä innovaation merkityksestä. Tampereen uuden yhdistyneen yliopiston rehtori Mari Walls sekä Dansken Suomen maajohtaja Leena Vainiomäki ovat molemmat kokeneita johtajia, mutta saavat uusissa huipputehtävissään tilaisuuden poikkeuksellisen laaja-alaiseen vaikuttamiseen.

Do you want to become a Global Success Story? The World’s Leading Consulting House McKinsey & Company offers a tremendous boost for the Winner of the MPIDEA Competition!29.1.2019 11:06:38 EETTiedote

This is an unbeatable opportunity for innovators and idea generators. The industry’s biggest innovation competition MPIDEA is on and heating up as we speak. The world’s leading consulting firm McKinsey offers the competition’s winner a one-off opportunity to succeed with the help of a growth accelerator. ‘We want to do our share to support the growth of the Finnish economy’, emphasizes McKinsey’s Senior Partner Lari Hämäläinen. The competition is open to all and applications will be accepted until 5th of April.

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