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Greek National Organization of Medicines Approves First Antimicrobial Formula for Residual Surface Protection Against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19 Virus) for up to 90 Days


ViaClean Technologies, LLC, a Philadelphia-based biotech company, jointly with its distributor and business development partner, Bizos Cavallo Enterprises LLC of Dallas, TX, and their partner, V-Clean Technologies S.A. of Athens, Greece, jointly announced the country of Greece's approval for the use of BIOPROTECT™ RTU on porous and non-porous surfaces in the fight against SARS-CoV-2. Greece has recognized BIOPROTECTTM RTU as inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID virus), on surfaces for up to 90 days.

Having accepted and recognized the antimicrobial surface efficacy of BIOPROTECT™ RTU, Greece's National Organization of Medicines (ΕΟΦ) has approved the unrestricted consumer use of BIOPROTECT™ RTU to inhibit the growth of SARS-CoV-2 and other harmful viruses, bacteria, mold, and mildew, on treated surfaces. This innovative technology has proven to be effective for up to 90 days and has been applied in various public and private environments in Greece, including medical facilities, mass transit, education, commercial facilities, and more.

"ViaClean has been committed to supporting the reopening of Europe throughout the past year, hoping to instill a sense of normality as people navigate these unprecedented times," said ViaClean President and CEO, Greg Tipsord. "With Greece's adoption of BIOPROTECTTM RTU antimicrobial surface protectant, which inhibits the growth of SARS-CoV-2 and other harmful viruses and bacteria on surfaces, we believe Greece will benefit from this proven technology and strengthen their commitment to reach pre-pandemic levels of normalcy for their citizens. We've delivered an effective antimicrobial surface protectant solution that supports our mission of continued research, innovation, and dedication on a global scale."

"At V-Clean Technologies S.A., we have further cemented our commitment to Greece and the ongoing safety of our fellow citizens and visitors through our commitment to bringing innovative, patented technologies to our country to reduce the presence of bacteria, germs, fungi, algae, and other problematic micro-organisms including SARS CoV-2” said Panos Sofianos, President of V-Clean. “We thank the Greek government, and specifically the Ministry of Health and the National Organisation for Medicines (ΕΟΦ), our joint-venture distribution partner, Bizos Cavallo Enterprises and of course, ViaClean Technologies, for their rigor, diligence, and support throughout this process."

In Greece and in other European Member States, where regulatory approvals are pending, the unique non-leaching and non-volatile BIOPROTECTTM RTU formula has proven to be effective at killing harmful microbes and reducing odors for up to 90 days on various surfaces. "We are fortunate and thrilled to have partnered with both V-Clean Technologies and ViaClean Technologies by facilitating the approval process and distribution of BIOPROTECTTM RTU antimicrobial surface protectant for Greece," said Elvin Thibodeaux, Managing Partner of Bizos Cavallo Enterprises. "Our continued efforts will supply this innovative technology exclusively to additional markets, including the European Union and Balkan Peninsula, Russia and more, that are pursuing dynamic relief from the effects of the pandemic over the past 18 months."

In the United States, ViaClean markets the BIOPROTECTUs™ System, which uses patented, registered technologies: SmartTouch®, a List N disinfectant, to disinfect surfaces against viruses, bacteria, and germs, and BIOPROTECT™ RTU antimicrobial surface protectant, to keep surfaces free of odor- and stain-causing bacteria, fungi (mold and mildew), and algae between cleanings, for up to 90 days (3 months). In the United States, however, BIOPROTECT™ RTU is not currently approved or available for use against the SARS-CoV‑2 virus, other viruses, harmful bacteria, or any other harmful microorganisms.

Additional products offered from ViaClean and Bizos Cavallo in the United States, and pending approval in Greece, include the registered BIOPROTECT™ 500 concentrate, registered BIOPROTECTTM D disinfectant, and registered BIOPROTECT™ Hydrating Hand Sanitizer. For more information on ViaClean Technologies and The BIOPROTECTUs™ System, please visit For information on the aforementioned markets or sales with Bizos Cavallo Enterprises, visit

About ViaClean Technologies. LLC

ViaClean Technologies LLC is a biotech company that develops, manufactures, and markets groundbreaking, innovative antimicrobial solutions using environmentally responsible manufacturing processes. ViaClean Technologies' pioneering and proprietary technologies, products, and services provide disinfectants, antimicrobial protectants, and hand sanitizers for commercial and consumer use. ViaClean Technologies' primary mission is to market these advanced antimicrobial formulations to critical industries, manufacturing the registered formulations using environmentally responsible processes. For more information, visit the ViaClean website (

About V-Clean Technologies, S.A.

V-Clean Technologies S.A. is a biotechnology firm based in Athens, Greece that is focused on developing and marketing cutting edge technologies, products and services to meet the challenges and opportunities in Europe, Russia and the Middle East. In conjunction with our pharmaceutical affiliates and partners we strive for innovative and environmentally responsible solutions in an ever-changing marketplace. Having created a strong and sustainable network of strategic partners throughout these regions, we are able to be proactive and effective in providing services ranging from manufacturing, sourcing, logistics and regulatory advisory. For more information about V-Clean Technologies S.A. please visit our website (

About Bizos Cavallo Enterprises, LLC

Bizos Cavallo Enterprises, LLC is a strategic consulting and operations firm focused on emerging bioscience innovations for public health, strategic alliances, and global investment resources based in Dallas, TX, with offices in New Orleans, LA, and Winston-Salem, NC. In addition, Bizos Cavallo owns the subsidiary, BP&D International, LLC, a global leader in the procurement and the export of premium cultural commodities, including bulk grains, animal proteins, and their respective derivatives. Founded in 2017, Bizos Cavallo's network includes partners and a host of strategic alliances in the United States, Greece, China, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Dubai, France, Brazil, the West Indies and trade operations in the United Kingdom. For more about Bizos Cavallo, visit the Bizos Cavallo Enterprises website (

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