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Henri Hyppönen appointed Creative Director of Fourkind


Henri Hyppönen has been appointed Creative Director of Fourkind starting January 8th, 2019.

“Organizations have a lot of unused potential in implementing new technology, but an even greater force lies in the creativity of how to turn all that potential into actual parts of profitable business. My thoughts align completely with Fourkind’s strategy on this topic.”, says Hyppönen.

Fourkind is a consulting agency mixing management consulting and the implementation capabilities of creative technology companies. The company has grown to 30 consultants in a little over an year, and has been profitable since it’s second month. Fourkind currently has teams in Helsinki and Amsterdam, and multiple high-profile clients at both sites.

“Henri Hyppönen has an exceptionally clear vision about the future, and a thorough understanding on how companies should act now to respond to the required change. His background and experience in strategic work, design thinking and emergent technologies supports well our targets in both local and global scope. Moreover, both Henkka’s and Fourkind’s ambitions are very much aligned.”, says Fourkind’s Managing Partner, Jonne Heikkinen.

In addition to his Fourkind responsibilities, Hyppönen is writing a book about the future of creativity, which will be published during the autumn of 2019.



Henri Hyppönen, Creative Director

Jonne Heikkinen, Managing Partner
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