Humanoid robot Bina48 debutes at ArtHelsinki


Humanoid robot Bina48 makes her first appearance in the Nordic countries and in a contemporary art event this autumn at ArtHelsinki. Bina48 displays human emotions and reactions and can interact with people. At ArtHelsinki Bina48 will be answering visitors’ questions and challenges us to think about the future art forms. Bina48’s visit is organised in cooperation with Streaming Museum and Finnish Business Gallery, a B2B art rentals company.

Bina (Breakthrough Intelligence via Neural Architecture 48) is one of the most advanced robots displaying human behaviour. The robot is built into a form of a human torso and it can engage in conversations on various topics. Its actions are based on the shared “mindfile” information, i.e. programmed memories, values and beliefs, and its actions are adjusted according to experiences and prior encounters with humans. 

Bina48 was developed by Hanson Robotics Ltd. in 2010 and the project was commissioned by Dr. Martine Rothblatt from Terasem Movement Incorporated.  The robot utilises voice and face recognition technology and artificial intelligence. The aim is to prove that awareness and consciousness can be created and transferred. This is achieved by combining real life, sufficiently detailed data from a person using future consciousness software “mindware”. The researchers believe that in the future robots will be considered as independent persons with rights and obligations.

Art and technology meet at ArtHelsinki

“This is Bina48’s debut at a contemporary art event. The robot is a result of long-term R&D and the concept is truly intriguing. It has also created interest internationally,” states Kira Sjöberg, founder of Business Gallery. ”Also the transportation of the robot has caused a fuss in the chosen airline since the high technology used sets great demands as she needs to have her own seat on the airplane. Our aim is to, of course, have Bina48 back in one piece,” continues Sjöberg. The parties responsible for bringing Bina48 to Finland are Streaming Museum (USA) and Finland’s leading B2B art rental Business Gallery who sponsors Bina48. Streaming Museum also takes part in ArtHelsinki’s section for media based art.

#Askthebina Q/A is arranged so that Finns interested in speaking with a robot can participate online

On Thursday September 8th Bina48 will meet people and the press at Hotel Haven’s after work happening starting at 5 pm. Hotel Haven is a part of Kämp Collection Hotels, one of the partners of ArtHelsinki. 

“Bina48 is accommodated by Hotel Haven during her stay in Helsinki and the hotel chain Kämp Collection Hotels provides its guests with a unique opportunity to interact with her,” states General Manager Mika Makkonen from Hotel Haven. “Bina48’s visit is one of the most important art and technology events in Kämp Collection Hotels this year so naturally we are thrilled about this opportunity,” Makkonen rejoices.

ArtHelsinki presents contemporary art in many forms, the digitalisation of art being one of them. Bina48 takes part in the key note speech held by Nina Colosi, the founder of Streaming Museum. In her speech “A view from the cloud” Colosi gives her views on art, digitalisation and technology, and the future of the art market (Thursday 8 September at 1.00 pm, ArtHelsinki exhibition area). Bina48 answers the questions of the general public on Friday 9 September from 1.30 pm to 2 pm on the Arena stage of the Ahead hall. Bina48 is accompanied by Bruce Duncan, who as the principle investigator of the LifeNaut Project, is responsible for the ongoing development of Bina48.

Bina48’s aim is to provoke discussion and especially on the art market. “Could it be possible in the future for an art lover to download his or her ideas and thoughts to a robot and then buy the robot as an art work?” contemplates Sjöberg and Streaming Museum.

The ArtHelsinki International Event for Contemporary Art will be held at Messukeskus Helsinki on 7-11 September 2016. At the same time, Messukeskus Helsinki hosts four other events: Habitare, Finland’s leading event for furniture, interior decoration and design; Antiikki for antiques; ValoLight presenting the latest lighting solutions; and HifiExpo focusing on top-quality audio and image.

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