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ICCPP ODM+ Unveils Ceramic Coil Disposable and Multi-category Solution Resulted from Its Digital R&D Strategy


ICCPP launched the full-range ceramic coil solution including disposable ceramic coil at Vaper Expo UK in Birmingham on May 27, 2022 -- a new category empowered by its "Digital Transformation" strategy, marking a new era in the global vape industry.

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For the first time, ICCPP exhibited as a group and showcased its branded ODM+ solution and full-range ceramic coil solution. Adopting the Gene Tree technology, ICCPP’s ceramic coil will be integrated with the ODM+ business to promote a greater evolution in the industry. The ceramic coil, ICCPP’s first product released since it jointly launched the digital strategy with SAP and PwC, is bound to become a benchmark in the global vape industry.

Breakthrough: ceramic coil solution for disposable and multiple categories

In the vape industry, the ceramic coil technology is a key indicator of technological advancement of a company. ICCPP began to engage in the ceramic coil technology in 2019 by forming a R&D team led by "Peacock Program" talents, aiming to achieve an industry-leading level with the third or fourth generation of ceramic coil, and fully surpass the peers with the fifth or sixth generation.

Committed to becoming the leader in atomization technology, ICCPP brings a natural and pleasant vaping experience to the customers with its nanocrystalline (NC) materials and technical innovation. From thick film to thin film, from wire heating and surface heating to solid heating, ICCPP’s NC ceramic atomization technology has been constantly optimized the data model of the coil and enhancing the team's R&D strength to address the pain points in the vape coil industry. The newly launched Gene Tree thin film technology features five technical advantages, namely powder-free, improved safety, finer atomization, a longer lifespan, and an improved flavor.

As a result of the continuous endeavor of the R&D team, ICCPP recently launched the new generation of Gene Tree film technology and product applications, which, compared to the third-generation ceramic coil, has improved the flavor, increased the coil lifespan, and improved product reliability, bringing users a natural and pleasant vaping experience.

ICCPP will soon launch a disposable product equipped with the Gene Tree ceramic technology, with such features as longer-lasting flavor, more puffs, better restoration of flavor, and higher reliability, will bring revolutionary user experience, trigger a revolution in the industry, and become an industry milestone.

"Digital + technological innovation" to provide ODM + digital solution

ICCPP’s core advantages at the technical level are derived from its huge investment in scientific and technological innovation. On May 26, ICCPP announced the official launch of the "Digital Transformation Project" at its Shenzhen headquarters, becoming the world's first major company in the vape industry to cooperate with SAP and PwC. This marks that ICCPP will lead the industry into the phase of digital transformation.

The digital strategy refers to the overall digital innovation of the company integrating R&D, manufacturing, export, overseas marketing, etc. In the future, ICCPP will create an unprecedented "digital closed loop" and new digital competitiveness by creating digital R&D, digital manufacturing, digital marketing, and digital consumer experience. The mode of “digital + technological innovation” will become ICCPP’s underlying competitive advantage, including digitization + chips, digitization + fragrance, and digitization + smart manufacturing. "The company will drive development through digitalization and create new value through digitalization." Through digital transformation, the company aims to bring greater contributions to the industry and global consumers.

In order to develop ceramic coil, ICCPP quickly simulated the atomization effect by setting a data model and inputting parameters such as interface and size, so as to find the optimal configuration without sample production, thus accelerating product development and delivery. At present, ICCPP has a set of long-term plans for refillable and disposable ceramic coil products, and has reached cooperation intentions with at least 5 overseas major customers.

Mission of a leading going-out company: to empower global customers with technical innovation

ICCPP knows that customers in this era don’t need the traditional ODM anymore, but the branded ODM+. Therefore, the company has launched the new strategic partnership integrating brand positioning, user insight, product design, product development and after-sales, to guide customers to embrace new era of product customization.

Firstly, ICCPP promises to provide customers with the latest technology applications, and give them the same or even better technology as ICCPP’s own brands. Secondly, ICCPP shares all cutting-edge technologies with the entire industry chain in the strategic cooperation, including labs and institutes, automated factories, overseas user insights and global marketing services. This confidence of ICCPP comes from its rich and successful overseas experience and the ability to provide customers with one-stop services. ICCPP is committed to building two global platforms to empower customers: a truly open, Android-like vape technology platform, and a globalization platform based on years of overseas experience.

As the first strategic category after the digital upgrade, the ceramic coil solution can adapt to the full range of product lines. Emboding the industry's most advanced technologies, it is set to create a new vape category, improve user experience and bring changes to the market structure. On the one hand, ICCPP ODM+ business will undergo the digital upgrade and efficiency upgrade of the whole operation system integrating market survey, R&D, product design, order, delivery, and after-sales; on the other hand, it will establish in-depth cooperation with global customers on the ceramic coil solution. So far, ICCPP has reached cooperation intentions on this ceramic coil technology with many overseas major customers. ICCPP expects to bring more surprises to global customers and restructure the market in future.

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