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Impacts of the strike on the City of Espoo services


A large-scale municipal strike may begin on 3 May. Trade unions JUKO, JHL (The Trade Union for the Public and Welfare Sectors), and Jyty (the Federation of Public and Private Sector Employees) gave a strike notice regarding the metropolitan area cities on 21 March. The strike would last from 3 May to 9 May. If the strike begins, it will also affect the City of Espoo’s functions. This website has updated information on the impacts of the situation on the services offered by the City of Espoo.

Information on the effects of the strike will be updated on the webpage

Early childhood education, basic education and general upper secondary education

If carried out, the municipal sector strike will have major impacts on the organisation of early childhood education, basic education and general upper secondary education. If the strike is cancelled or an agreement is reached before the announced end date of the strike, schools and day care centres will continue their activities as usual.

The strike may impact the catering and cleaning of schools and day care centres as a result of the catering and cleaning staff joining the strike.

Espoo’s municipal day care centres will be fully closed at least on the first day of the strike. It will be proposed to the City Board that early childhood education fees be refunded for those days during which early childhood education cannot be provided.

As of Wednesday 4 May, our aim is to have some day care centres open in each service area with reduced opening hours (8:00–16:00). Information on the day care centres that are open will be published on our website on Tuesday. 

Basic education will not be provided during the strike between 3 and 9 May 2022 because it will not be safe to provide it with limited staff resources. School meals will not be available during the strike either. 

If the strike occurs, afternoon activities will not be organised on Tuesday 3 May. The service provider will inform guardians on Tuesday if they are able to organise afternoon activities as of Wednesday 4 May. 

If carried out, the municipal sector strike will have major impacts on the organisation of general upper secondary education. If meals are offered at schools, we will inform students separately. 

Welfare and health services

The strike may have major impacts on welfare and health services if employees are forced to stay at home to take care of their children as day care centres and schools are closed. However, it is difficult to assess all the effects in advance. Appointments that have already been booked at, for example, health centres and maternity and child health clinics will be held as usual unless separately cancelled. 

Leisure services

During the strike, the Espoo City Museum KAMU at WeeGee and the Glims Farmstead Museum are closed. The effects of the strike on the other activities of the Exhibition Centre WeeGee will be further specified later.

All the libraries in Espoo will be closed during the strike. This also applies to self-service hours. Your loans will not expire while libraries are closed.

Some sports facilities will be closed and some of the guided exercise classes will be cancelled.

Service Points and switchboard

The Espoon keskus Service Point will remain open during the strike, but we will probably have to reduce its opening hours.

We will try to keep the city’s switchboard open during the strike. We may not be able to answer and transfer calls at our usual speed.

The telephone, email and chat services of our e-services and Service Points will be closed for the duration of the strike.

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