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Introducing the World’s Thinnest Tablet, reMarkable 2


reMarkable today announced its next-generation paper tablet, reMarkable 2. The breakthrough device for note-taking and reviewing documents without distractions comes from the Norwegian developers behind the original paper tablet, which broke pre-order records during its 2017 launch.

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reMarkable 2, the world’s thinnest tablet, available for pre-order on (Photo: Business Wire)

reMarkable 2, the world’s thinnest tablet, available for pre-order on (Photo: Business Wire)

reMarkable 2 is available for pre-order from for €399, and is set to ship in June 2020. The limited-time launch offer will include a Marker and Folio.

At 0.19 in/4.7 mm thick, reMarkable 2 is the world’s thinnest tablet. Armed with weeks of battery life, and the breakthrough second-generation CANVAS display partially powered by E Ink technology, reMarkable 2 is the most paper-like digital device the industry has ever seen.

“reMarkable 2 supports our design philosophy of helping people think better through powerful technology,” said Magnus Wanberg, CEO of reMarkable. “Our latest tablet is paper-thin and our innovations in display technology make it so much like writing on paper that it’s hard to tell the difference.”

Inspired by paper, reMarkable 2 is a tool for note-taking, reading, and annotating documents without built-in distractions. “Today’s world is a frenzied place of ever-evolving technology that increasingly demands more of our time and attention. reMarkable 2 is a step in a more human-friendly direction. It’s designed to help people think,” said Wanberg.

The company has spent the last six years developing and perfecting its breakthrough paper tablet to deliver a realistic paper experience that supports improved focus and better thinking, while still maintaining a connection to the digital world.

reMarkable 2 features the ability to convert handwritten notes into text, along with options for organizing, sharing, annotating and searching documents. Among a host of other digital features, reMarkable’s cloud service makes content accessible through multi-platform companion apps for desktop and mobile. Its feature set is aimed at anyone who likes writing by hand, but wants to be able to reuse their work in their digital workflow.

At launch, reMarkable 2 will be accompanied by a Google Chrome plug-in that will allow users to read clean, reformatted web articles on their paper tablet without distractions.

Innovations in ultra-thin, high-friction surface materials and a completely redesigned, second-generation CANVAS display, make reMarkable 2 an unprecedented digital paper device. Millions of physical ink particles lift to the display’s surface, working in tandem with the high precision Marker to deliver exceptional paper-like accuracy.

A range of accessories to compliment reMarkable 2

All accessories are either included in their respective launch bundles, available as a bundle upgrade, or can be purchased separately later in the year when the pre-order finishes.

Markers: reMarkable 2 will launch with two different Markers, both of which attach magnetically to the right side of the paper tablet:
Marker - €59 (included in pre-order)
Marker Plus (includes built-in eraser in the top end) - €99

Folios: Folio and Book Folio have been created with function and style in mind. They’re both made from fine materials and designed to fit reMarkable 2 perfectly.
Folio - €79 - The original sleeve for reMarkable 2 (included in the first part of pre-order)
Book Folio - from €99 - Lets you keep your reMarkable 2 in its cover while working. Attaches magnetically to reMarkable 2

About reMarkable

Based in Oslo, Norway, reMarkable is the leading innovator within the paper tablet category, developing breakthrough digital paper tablets for note-taking, reading, and reviewing documents. Its vision is to create human-friendly products to help people think better. For more information about reMarkable and its digital paper tablet, visit


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