LUMINORD competition awards to Joonas Saaranen and Simon Örnberg

In line with Habitare’s theme ”Open the doors!”, the 2016 LUMINORD light design competition set to look for a light design that gathers people together to interact and exchange ideas. The €5,000 LUMINORD 2016 prize donated by the Finnish Fair Foundation was received by Joonas Saaranen with his work “Fire Jack”. The winner of the €5,000 STEK prize, promoting electrical safety and donated by the Finnish Association for Electrical Safety, is Simon Örnberg with his work “Blocks”. The prizes are awarded at Showroom, a new event for design, space planning and lighting, held on 7 September at Messukeskus Helsinki.
Fire Jack. Photo: Messukeskus.
Fire Jack. Photo: Messukeskus.

“Fire Jack” by lighting designer and industrial designer Joonas Saaranen was inspired by a traditional Finnish lumberjack’s candle. The idea of a campfire-like solution was displayed in various entries but Saaranen excelled with his creation.

”Fire Jack” is compiled of twenty straight metal plates that are placed in a laser cut container. The material is corten steel covered by a rust coloured oxide coating. The circle-like light source is created by 24 LED lights that are directed by microcontrollers. The upward directed static LED light creates a contrast with the moving light. The sturdy design is meant for public spaces and can also be used as a seat.

The jury found ”Fire Jack” innovative and interesting both in terms of form and technique. The controlled movement of the light gives it a unique appearance utilising both shadow and light. Combining static and living light is an excellent choice. “Fire Jack” is inviting and can be used in many types of spaces.

STEK award to modular light design

The €5,000 STEK prize was received by industrial designer Simon Örnberg with his work “Blocks”. The idea is to bring solar energy into the city life with the help of a shielding and illuminating light design. “Blocks” consists of different sized light modules that use solar power and can be combined in various ways. The function of the modules depends on the use, the amount of modules used, and how the modules are placed. For example, a cosy resting place can be created by using just one module, whereas several modules can create an entire pavilion.

”Blocks” impressed the jury with its fresh approach; it is more of a spatial element than a mere lighting solution. By using the modules in an innovative manner one can create visually inspiring and flamboyant designs. Light is reflected downwards from the ceiling elements in an even flow with no glare effect. The smart motion sensors adjust the amount of light needed according to the weather conditions and the number of people. “Blocks” also utilises solar energy and have the option for USB plugs.

Four Honourable Mentions

In addition to the main prizes, the jury also wishes to acknowledge four other entries with Honourable Mentions.

Landscape architect Suvi Saastamoinen’s square shaped light design combines corten steel and birch. “Elo” can be imbedded to the ground partially or entirely, and remote controlled LED lines are used as the source of light. The brightness of the light depends on the movement; the more people move around it, the brighter the light. The interactive nature of “Elo” raises interest and inspires to move.

Industrial designer Mikko Rikala’s work ”Olipa kerran…” is a lighting solutions designed for playgrounds and kindergarten yards. It is scaled for children and creates experiences. The design’s body is built of bent steel pipes with partially integrated LED lines. An opal polycarbonate board creates a small shelter.

Art and design student Heikki Konu from Aalto University entered the competition with ”Stellar domes”. It is a scalable light design that is perfect for the outdoors (parks, yards etc.). The flexible solar cell covered shelter with LED lights invites people to take cover from rain or to cool off on a hot summer’s day.

Designer couple Terhi Tuominen and Jitan V. Patel’s “Solu” is a modular light design. Its outer parts can be extended to form a bigger entity and different organic installations can be created by joining the modules together in different ways. The lamp shade is heat-moulded polyester and the source of light is a LED disc.

In search of new light design

The aim of the Luminord - Nordic Luminaire Design Competition is to discover new, high-quality solutions for lighting and to develop new innovations and products for the industry. This year the competition was organised for the 8th time.

The jury received 29 entries representing various levels of technical proficiency. Designing a successful light design requires knowledge of both design and lighting technique. For example, when defining the quality of light, detailed information and thorough reports are required.

The competition is organised by the Association of Finnish Electrical Designers NSS, the Illuminating Engineering Society of Finland, the Electrical Contractors’ Association of Finland STUL, the Finnish Association for Electrical Safety STEK, and the Finnish Electrotechnical Trade Association, in cooperation with the Finnish Association of Designers Ornamo.

The jury consisted of Chairman, CEO Juha Kiviniemi (United Engineers Ltd / Association of Finnish Electrical Designers NSS), Interior Architect Tatu Ahlroos (TCD-Taking care of design / Finnish Association of Designers Ornamo, Finnish Association of Interior Architects), Expert Veli-Pekka Vitikka (Electrical Contractors’ Association of Finland STUL), CEO Peter Ruokonen (Cariitti Oy / Illuminating Engineering Society of Finland), Industrial Designer Tuomas Antikainen (Helsinki City Theatre / Finnish Association of Designers Ornamo, Finnish Association of Industrial Designers), Product Group Manager Timo Heiskanen (Ahlsell Oy / Finnish Electrotechnical Trade Association), and Communications Manager Kirsi Gimishanov (Finnish Association for Electrical Safety STEK).

The LUMINORD award ceremony is held on Wednesday 7 September at 3 pm at the new Showroom event focusing on design, lighting solutions and space planning.
All awarded works are on display at Messukeskus Helsinki 10-14 September at the ValoLight event’s Ahead hall, stand number 6k148.

For more information, please contact:

- LUMINORD competition secretary Virpi Kumpulainen, Association of Finnish Electrical Designers NSS, tel. +358 40 585 6127,

- Chairman of the jury:Juha Kiviniemi, United Engineers Ltd, tel. +358 44 373 3198,

- LUMINORD winner:

Joonas Saaranen, WhiteNight Lighting Oy,, tel. +358 40 035 5700

- STEK winner:

Simon Örnberg, WSP Design Studio,, tel. +358 40 516 9922

Honourable Mentions:

- ”Elo”: Suvi Saastamoinen,, +358 50 370 7718

- ”Olipa kerran…”: Mikko Rikala,, +358 40 825 5559

- ”Solu”: Terhi Tuominen ja Jitan V. Patel,, + 358 40 7247 720

- ”Stellar Domes”: Heikki Konu,, +358 44 0112 666

For more information about the ValoLight event, please contact:

- Messukeskus Helsinki, Communications Manager Taira Sjöblom-Tallus, tel. +358 50 385 5482, 

The Finnish Fair Foundation supports Finnish business life annually by granting approximately €400,000 in scholarships and prizes. In addition to the LUMINORD award, the prizes include the Kaj Franck Design Prize and the Internationalisation Award of the President of the Republic.

The Finnish Association for Electrical Safety STEK is a non-profit organisation committed to producing, collecting and distributing information about the safe, reliable, and smart use of electricity.


Fire Jack. Photo: Messukeskus.
Fire Jack. Photo: Messukeskus.

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