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Medicortex Finland Plc appointing a new advisor

Medicortex Finland Plc, a biotechnology company located in Turku, Finland, with a proprietary biomarker technology for detection of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and numerous other pipeline product candidates, announced today appointment of Professor Mika Hannula (DSc Tech) as a new member in company’s Scientific and Clinical Advisory Board (SAB). Professor Hannula supplements the team of scientists and clinicians with his diverse expertise in academic research management.

Medicortex is an innovative clinical stage biotechnology company focusing on development of diagnostics and therapy for brain injuries. Company’s short-term focus is to complete development of a rapid urine test, company’s lead product ProbTBITM kit for detection of biomarkers of mild traumatic brain injury, followed by prototype production and clinical evaluation. Professor Hannula will be part of the team to move the company forward to bring its breakthrough products to the clinics to address a significant unmet medical need.

Professor Hannula has a Doctor of Science degree from the Tampere University of Technology and his current position is Vice-Rector for partnerships and strategic engagement at the University of Turku, Finland. He has led the substantial extension of research and education at the University of Turku to technical sciences and headed the establishment of a new faculty of technology. Professor Hannula is an experienced leader and he has extensive experience in different academic leadership positions. Additionally, he serves as a board member or chair for several organizations inside and outside the academia, including private owned companies, public organizations and national defense.

“Medicortex is honored to have one of the most renowned and successful leaders in academia and strategic management to join the Medicortex team in this advisory position. We believe that we have assembled the top multidisciplinary advisory team", says Dr. Adrian Harel, CEO of Medicortex. “The broad potential of our TBI technology pipeline combined with the supplemented outstanding team of experts marks a major step forward in advancing Medicortex to the leading technology company in the field of noninvasive testing of head injury and beyond”, Dr. Harel adds. 

“I am happy to join the Advisory Board of Medicortex”, Professor Hannula says. “I’m honored to be part of the team to advise the company at its extremely interesting stage to successfully move forward to get its products on the market. Brain injuries affect a large patient population and we have an outstanding opportunity to make major contributions towards finding an affordable test and reasonable treatment for patients with this condition”, Professor Hannula concludes.

Facts about Professor Mika Hannula

Name: Mika Hannula
Born: 1968
Current position: Vice-rector for partnerships and strategic engagement, University of Turku, Finland

Previous positions
- Director (part time), Technology Campus Turku
- President, Tampere University of Technology, Finland
- Professor at both University of Turku, and Tampere University of Technology

Other academic positions
- Chairman, advisory board of National Defense University, Finland
- Adjunct professor, National Defense University
- Adjunct professor, Tampere University

- Doctor of Science (Tech), 1999
- Licentiate of Technology, 1998
- Master of Science (Tech) in Industrial Engineering and Management with distinction, 1993

Military rank: Lieutenant Colonel (in reserve)

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About Medicortex Finland Oyj

Medicortex Finland Oyj
Medicortex Finland Oyj
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20520 TURKU

Medicortex Finland Oyj is a biotechnology company dedicated to improving the diagnostics and treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Its current focus is on developing biomarker diagnostics to detect brain injury easily. The company has technology to capture biomarkers from urine and saliva and capability to develop an affordable diagnostic tool to detect biomarkers. Company's second goal is to develop new compounds to serve as drug candidates to halt progression of brain injury and reduce the secondary degeneration. Medicortex was founded by an Israeli Neurobiologist Adrian Harel (PhD, MBA) and the company is based in Turku, Finland.

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