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MFA: Mikko Koivumaa appointed as Director General of Communications at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs


The Government has appointed Mikko Koivumaa as Director General of Communications at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs starting on 18 October 2021. The term of office will be five years. Koivumaa is currently Director of Communications at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.

He has a long experience of communications tasks in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and of work with actors close to the Ministry. Koivumaa has worked at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment since 2018. In 2015–2018, he worked as Head of Communications at Finn Church Aid. Before that, in 2010–2015, he worked as Counsellor for Press and Culture Affairs at Finland’s Embassy in Tokyo. He has also worked for Finnfacts, an independent media service organisation, which is currently part of Business Finland. Koivumaa is a board member of ProCom – the Finnish Association of Communications Professionals.

He holds the degree of Master of Arts and Bachelor of Social Sciences from the University of Helsinki.

“The Ministry for Foreign Affairs plays a crucial role in promoting Finland’s and Finnish people’s affairs around the world. It is particularly interesting to be able to join the Ministry now that the world is gradually opening up and recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic.”, Koivumaa says.

The Director General of Communications of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs directs the Department for Communications, is responsible for the strategic development of communications in the Ministry, and serves as a member of the Ministry's Senior Management Group.

The post attracted 27 candidates.

Inquiries: Kirsti Pohjankukka, Director General for Human Resources, tel. +358 50 476 038 and Mikko Koivumaa, tel. +358 50 3453 555. The email addresses of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs are in the format firstname.lastname@formin.fi



Mikko Koivumaa
Mikko Koivumaa


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